This beautiful printable bible study planner pdf will help you immerse yourself in the Word of God as you use each page as a bible study guide.

Bible Study Printable Planner pictures of pages


If you would like to create a deeper knowledge of God’s Word then download and print this free printable. It’s packed with pages that will guide you as you study the Word.


Studying the Bible is about more than head knowledge; it’s about a life-changing relationship with God. Using a bible study planner will help you easily break down areas of study to grow your knowledge and understanding of God through His Word. With this knowledge, you will develop a closer and deeper relationship with the Lord.


Growing as a Christian is about developing a deep and knowledgable relationship with God. It’s about a one on one relationship with our Creator. The best way to get to know Him is by reading and studying the Word he has given us. It reveals His Character and how He wants us to apply His principles to our lives.

We can read books about God written by man, but it's best to build your foundation on the Word of God first and fromost. 


Before you use any of these planner pages for your bible study, be sure and always start with prayer. Ask God to open your mind and heart to His Word. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide and teach you.


I find it helpful to mark my verses with symbols as I have learned from Precept Ministries. It helps me breakdown the verses and remember what I have studied. You can find a printable list of markings from Precept Scotland.

As you study a verse, look for the answers to these questions to help you understand what the text is saying.

  • Is there a narrator? Who is it?
  • Who is the text written to?
  • Is there any indication of why it was written?
  • Are there any places or landmarks mentioned? Underline with double green lines.
  • Are there people, places, or things mentioned in the verse? What are they?
  • Are there references to time in the verse? Mark with a small clock
  • Note what type of literature it is? (For example, is the verse you’re studying historical, prophetic, or part of an epistle, etc.?)
  • What’s happening in the text? What action is mentioned or taking place?
  • What new things did you learn about God the Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit?

The verse study page will guide you to write several translations for comparison, research historical context, and then find the who, what, when, where, why, and how.

bible study planner page for verse study


The word study page will help you learn about a particular word in the bible. You will find the antonyms, synonyms, definitions, cross-references, and then write out how this word can have application in your own life.

I highly suggest using the Blue Letter Bible for your word study. You can easily find Greek or Hebrew meaning with their concordance. You can also find all the passages a word is mentioned for cross-reference.

bible study planner page for word study


Learn about the characters in the bible by studying when and where they were born, the meaning of their name, and discover the family members. You will also look for key life events, their character traits, how God used them, and what we can learn from their life.

There are so many people to study that will help you deepen your own relationship with God. You might want to start with Abraham, Joseph, Deborah, Moses, Ruth, David, Solomon, Esther, Paul, or Peter. There are hundreds of other characters in the Bible that you can learn great truths from.

bible study planner page character study


Memorizing scripture is a way to hide God’s Word in your heart. It’s something no one can take away from you, and it builds your relationship with the Lord. I suggest reading Why Memorize Scripture from Desiring God to help you understand these 6 key principles to why studying the Word is so important.

The verses to memorize page will help you hide God’s Word in your heart. I like to write the verse I am trying to memorize several times a day and then repeating it.

As a visual learner, I find it helpful to mark my verses with symbols I have learned from Precept Ministries. It helps me breakdown the verses and gives my mind visual clues to help me memorize. You can find a printable list of markings from Precept Scotland.

bible study planner page for verses to memorize
  1.  Conformity to Christ
  2. Daily Triumph over Sin
  3. Daily Triumph over Satan
  4. Comfort and Counsel for People You Love
  5. Communicating the Gospel to Unbelievers
  6. Communion with God in the Enjoyment of His Person and Ways


I love studying the old hymns. The authors might have experienced a dramatic conversion, great loss, or discouragement, yet they apply God’s Word to the song. When we sing them, the words remind us of who God is and how we are to worship Him in all circumstances.

The hymn study will guide you to learn more about the author of the hymn, time in history, the story behind the hymn, and scripture references.

bible study planner page for hymn study

I suggest you also study the writers of the songs and study the story behind the meaning of the song.


Download your free bible study planner and print the following pages.

Each page has a feminine design with easy to fill in boxes, giving you plenty of room to write what you learn. You can print as many pages of each study page that meets your needs.

  • Beautiful cover page to create your own planner binder
  • Hymn study
  • Word study
  • Character study
  • Verse study
  • Verses to memorize


I suggest you use a three-ring binder with a clear front slipcover. I have created a pretty cover page for you to slip in.

Next three whole punch the printable pages. Place dividers in for each section and fill your notebook. You can print more pages as needed.

How to create a bible study group using a planner

This would be a fun bible study planner to do with your friends and family. Just share the link and have them print their own pages.

Decide which page the group would like to study each week. It could be a verse, character study, hymn study, or word study.

You could meet via zoom once a week to discuss what you are learning or start a private FB group for discussion or to ask questions to the group.

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