Sometimes we get so busy and wound so tight that we forget to stop and realize the blessings we have in our life. With this Free Gratitude and Affirmations Planner Printable it will be a snap to take some time each day to write down your thoughts on being grateful and brainstorm ideas to give positive affirmations to others and yourself.

Free Planner Gratitude and Affirmation  Printable

This year I am adding positive affirmations about myself to my Filofax planner. I’m choosing to keep my mind positive,  believing in myself, the things I can accomplish and the people I can encourage along this journey of life.

To help get you started writing positive affirmations about yourself, I have a list of some ideas that might help you create your own list.

  • I pay attention to what is most important to me, and I pursue that
  • Today I live with purpose
  • I CAN
  • Today I am turning my goals into action
  • I AM HERE. And if I am here, I am here for a reason
  • My willpower is stronger than any habit
  • I express my creativity by allowing my imagination to flow
  • My dreams are much greater than my fear
  • My faith lifts me high above any fear
  • I refuse to give up
  • I am creating a life of passion and purpose

To download your own Free Gratitude and Affirmations page.