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Here are your easy make-ahead mini sandwiches to serve for a graduation party. Making them ahead will let you enjoy the party without the stress of last-minute preparations. From classic cucumber sandwiches to creative fillings, get recipes for a variety of mini-party sandwiches that can be prepared in advance.

Graduation Party Food You Can Make The Day Before

a variety of make ahead sandwiches perfect for a derby party
Image Credit: Intentional Hospitality

With a few simple entertaining tips and how-to recipes, you will be able to fill your party table with delicious sandwiches that will impress your friends and family.

Get Party How-To Tips and Recipes: Graduation Party Sandwiches

French Pressed Tiny Sandwich Bites

plate of sandwiches
Image Credit: Kitchen Sanctuary

These French pressed sandwich bites – inspired by the pan bagnat – have 3 different flavour varieties in one loaf! A party food that’s a little bit different, but still super easy to prepare.

Get The Recipe: French Pressed Tiny Sandwich Bites

Pulled Pork Butter & Brown Sugar Topped Sliders

pulled pork buttery slicers
Image Credit: Intentional Hospitality

This sweet and saucy BBQ pulled pork sliders recipe is an absolute winner for any gathering or casual meal. With tender and juicy pulled pork, sweet and tangy barbecue sandwich sauce, melted cheese, and sweet Hawaiian slider buns, these sliders are a crowd pleaser. 

Get The Recipe: Pulled Pork Butter Top Sliders

Pressed Italian Sandwich

Pressed Italian Sandwich
Image Credit: Josie & Nina

This Pressed Italian Sandwich takes all your favorite cold cuts and deli meats and piles them high into hollowed out ciabatta. Guaranteed to be the favorite at your KY Derby Party.

Get The Recipe: Pressed Italian Sandwich

Easy Cream Cheese and Cucumber Sandwich

Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwiches
Image Credit: J Cooking Odessy

Super easy to prepare, and guess what, these little gems can be made with only 3 ingredients such as white bread, plain cream cheese and English cucumber. Change them up with your favorite bread, or add some fresh dill to the cream cheese.

Get The Recipe: Cream Cheese and Cucumber Sandwich

Roasted Beef Tenderloin Sliders

Beef Tenderloin Sliders
Image Credit: Josie & Nina

Beef tenderloin. Do those two words intimidate you? Trust me, friend, they won’t after you read this post. I’ve got some foolproof roasting tips that are going to make you feel a whole lot better.

Get The Recipe: Roasted Beef Tenderloin Sliders

Mini Cucumber Sandwiches With Cream Cheese

Kentucky Benedictine Sandwiches With Cream Cheese and Cucumbers
Image Credit: Butter & Baggage

These little gemas are perfect for parties, brunches, a wedding or baby shower, and more. These mini sandwiches are a refreshing addition to any party spread. Make them in just 10 minutes from start to finish.

Get The Recipe: Mini Cucumber Sandwiches With Cream Cheese

Easy Strawberry Tea Sandwiches

Home » Recipes » Appetizers Easy Strawberry Tea Sandwiches Published: Jan 30, 2022 · Modified: May 8, 2022 by Abbey McDermott · 2 Comments · This post may contain affiliate links. 93985 SHARES Share Pin Jump to Recipe Three-ingredient strawberry cream cheese tea sandwiches heart shaped
Image Credit: My Casual Pantry

Three-ingredient strawberry cream cheese tea sandwiches are perfect for spring holidays and brunches. Cute and dainty, these petite bites are the perfect spring mini sandwich to serve at your Derby Party.

Get The Recipe: Easy Strawberry Tea Sandwiches

Mini Muffulettas

muffuletta sandwich
Image Credit: Cup Of Zest

These party-sized Mini Muffulettas are perfect for serving a crowd. With layers of olive salad, sliced meats, cheese, and fresh bread, this is the sandwich you need when you’re looking to throw the best party ever.

To learn more: Mini Muffulettas

Ham and Swiss Sliders on Hawaiian Rolls with Aioli

ham and swiss cheese slider
Image Credit: Butter & Baggage

Ham and Swiss sliders are ideal for graduation paries, game day parties, backyard cookouts– you name it, these sliders are quick, easy and scrumptious. Soft, sweet Hawaiian rolls get filled with layers of savory ham and melted Swiss cheese. With a spread of creamy garlic aioli and a generous brushing of butter on top, these sliders are completely irresistible.

Get The Recipe: Ham and Swiss Sliders on Hawaiian Rolls with Aioli

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