Create more space and beauty with these Open Kitchen Shelves Farmhouse Style. Grouping similar items and colors on open shelves makes your kitchen feel comfortable and organized.

When the concept of open shelving in the kitchen first came on the design scene, I said no never, not me. How could I lose all that storage when the upper cabinets are removed. Also, being a neat freak some what, I like everything tidy and hidden behind doors. As time has passed and I’m seeing all the great looking kitchens that have open shelving, I am realizing it does look neat and stylish. I’ve noticed one common theme among the staging of the shelve that I like,  the use of one color  or tone of items that are put on the shelves. Stacking like items and not filling up the shelves completely creates a pleasing focal point in a kitchen.

Creating open kitchen shelves farmhouse style in your own kitchen.
Where to buy the stools, Intentional Hospitality found them!

Look Linger Love created a beautiful tour of a Sullivan’s Island home that had a kitchen that really caught my eye. The wood shelves against the white planked walls and the marble counter tops make a stunning focal point. Again the use of stacking and grouping like items really makes this shelving unit functional as well as pretty.

Do you love the stools as much as I do from this Sullivans’s Island home? The natural wood looks great with the dark iron adding a touch of farmhouse to any kitchen.

open shelving in the kitchen

Ashton Design Studio created this gorgeous open shelving concept when they remodeled this kitchen. The use of white subway tile behind the shelves  creates a bright and open feel to a once dark kitchen.

Open shelving in the kitchen

BHG shares with us the creation of a cottage feel in this kitchen with the shelves. Notice the use of light blue and green  dishes amongst the white ones to pull this look together. The grouping  and stacking of like colors makes for a neat tidy feel.

open shelving for the kitchen
Open farmhouse shelve for your kitchen

Coastal Living’s Seagrove Idea Cottage shows how open shelving works on small walls. Mounting the shelves near the ceiling gives these a grand scale and a place to keep all your extra serving pieces.

open farmhouse kitchen shelving

Country Living shows how great white on white with clear glasses can look in an old antebellum kitchen. What a great idea to keep drinking glasses in an easy place for the whole family to use.

Hoping kitchen shelves on a brick wall on each side of a kitchen window sink

Decor Pad   has  a rustic kitchen with wood beams, a steel and glass window over a farmhouse sink then accented with industrial open shelving. I am really liking these open kitchen shelves farmhouse style with a touch of urban  feel.

Open farmhouse shelving ideas for your home
Open farmhouse shelving for your home

Rooms for Rent keeps to the theme of white and clear glass then stacking items to give these shelves a neat yet very functional open shelving concept. I love the black wire basket with cookbooks and the jars of sugar and grains. She also incorporated on the opposite wall an open plate shelf which is adorable.

Create your own floating shelves

Shanty 2 Chic has a great tutorial on how to create the look of  Open Kitchen Shelves Farmhouse Style. Be sure and visit her site for a step-by-step guide so you can create this look in your home.