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Dive in! (no pun intended) Get ready to enjoy some incredible seafood dishes that are perfect for any summer gathering. Summer is the perfect time to add fresh shrimp, crab, and fish to your dinner menu, especially when you try one of these easy-to-make seafood recipes.

Boiling Crab Whole Shabang Recipe

Boiling crab sauce shrimp and sausage
Image Credit: Intentional Hospitality

If you like fresh buttery shrimp with a hint of heat, then you will definitely want to make this copycat Boiling Crab Whole Shabang Recipe. Hints of old bay seasoning, cayenne pepper, lemon, and garlic, all wrapped up with a spicy, medium heat are perfect for your seafood dinner.

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Cold Shrimp Dip With Cream Cheese

Image Credit: Intentional Hospitality

Looking for an easy and delicious party dip? Try my family’s cold shrimp dip made with cream cheese, Old Bay, a touch of mayo, and seasonings all blended together to make an easy-to-scoop cold party appetizer.

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Baked Crab Pinwheels

Crab pinwheels
Image Credit: Intentional Hospitality

These crab pinwheels are great finger food for parties and freezer-friendly, too! Rolled in a flour tortilla, the crab filling combines canned crab meat, softened cream cheese, grated cheddar cheese, diced red bell pepper, and Creole seasoning.

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Creamy 5-Minute Cold Crab Dip Recipe

Image Credit: Intentional Hospitality

Sweet lump crab meat from a can, creamy cheeses, and a hint of Old Bay combine to whip up a tasty and crowd-pleasing dip in less than 5 minutes! When you make this creamy cold crab dip recipe, you will almost hear the ocean waves.

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Crock Pot Maryland Crab Dip 

Maryland crab dip made in a crock pot
Image Credit: Intentional Hospitality

Here is the best Maryland crab dip recipe features a creamy, cheesy texture packed with classic crab seasonings. Whether hosting a fun gathering with friends or simply treating your loved ones to a special appetizer, this hot crab dip is guaranteed to be a showstopper. 

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Southern Low Country Seafood Boil (Easy Instant Pot)

Lowcountry boil made in an instant pot crab legs potatoes and corn
Image Credit: Intentional Hospitality

Hungry for a flavor-filled low-country seafood boil but find yourself short on time? This Instant Pot recipe for Southern-style low-country boil needs only 10 minutes of prep time! Loaded with snow crab legs, fresh corn on the cob, and fork-tender potatoes, it’s an impressive — but terrifically easy.

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Spicy Shrimp Pico De Gallo

pico de gallo with shrimp
Image Credit: Intentional Hospitality

Pico de gallo with shrimp is a refreshing and zesty dip that combines juicy tomatoes, crisp onions, and succulent shrimp tossed in fresh lime juice and cilantro. It’s perfect as a topping, dip, or standalone salad.

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Real Southern Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp and grits
Image Credit: Butter and Baggage

Southern Shrimp and Grits are a longstanding Southern staple. Creamy grits made with milk and cheese are topped with sautéd shrimp in a flavorful sauce. An Iconic dish that’s simple to make for a fabulous weeknight dinner, or impressive enough to serve for friends.

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Marinated Shrimp Recipe

Marinade shrimp with cocktail sauce
Image Credit: Butter and Baggage

This marinated shrimp recipe will take your shrimp cocktail to the next level. Marinated overnight in an Old Bay lemon dressing, they’re so good you won’t even need cocktail sauce.

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Seafood Boil Seasoning Recipe

Make your own seafood boil to go in a bag
Image Credit: Intentional Hospitality

This seafood boil seasoning recipe will create a sensationally flavored seafood boil. This seasoning mixture will unmask the flavor of your seafood without overpowering it.

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