A guide to help you find the best themed gift ideas so you can give meaningful and memorable gifts to friends and family. These ideas will help you create the perfect gift for women, men, the whole family, Christmas, or those that need to have low contact.

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What are themed gift ideas?

Themed gift ideas are a special way to show someone you care for them or are thinking about them. A themed gift basket ideas are a vessel filled with fun and unique gifts centered around a topic that the gift receiver is interested in.

What is the bennifit?

When you know the person you are gifting is interested in your basket’s topic, you can’t go wrong and give them something they don’t want or need. It says that you were thinking bout them and took the time to make the gift meaningful. It’s simple and easy to create these one-of-a-kind gifts.

How to decide what kind of gift to give people

  1. Make a list of all the things the person is interested in.
  2. Ask yourself what that person might need related to their interest.
  3. Pick some items that might solve a problem within the chosen interest.
  4. Don’t give items that will make more work for the receiver.
  5. Be sure and choose items the receiver would like, even if you would not want to receive the item.
  6. Think, will the item make the receiver feel special?

Themed gifts for women

Themed Gift Ideas for women

PMS gift basket

Pedicure gift basket

Every woman feels good when she has had a pedicure. It’s such a special treat that she can enjoy for weeks.

Gardeners gift basket ideas

Starbuck gift basket

Unique gift ideas for men

Themed Gift Ideas for men

Grilling gift basket

Handy man gift basket

Nuts about you gift basket

Cocktail basket

Foodie themed gift ideas

Themed Gift Ideas for foodie friends

Bakers basket

Italian themed gift basket

Themed gift basket ideas for Christmas

Themed Gift Ideas for christmas

Christmas Eve themed gift idea

Christmas morning themed gift idea

Family gift basket themes

Themed Gift Ideas family

Movie night gift basket

Get well soon gift basket

Welcome to our neighborhood gift basket

Tips for making pretty gift baskets

Think about the container you will be placing all your items in. If it is a pedicure theme, buy a foot soaking tup and place all the items there. If you are doing a baking theme, then purchase a large bowl for all the baking items.

Wrap your gift basket with a clear cellophane bag and tie a pretty bow on the top. This will help hold the items in the basket when you give the gift and accent the gift’s theme.

Tips for gifting with low contact

Themed Gift Ideas low contact with mailbox in picture

It’s easy to send these thoughtful themed gift ideas to friends and family when you need to keep a low contact profile. Just click and send one of these fun-themed gift boxes. It will be appreciated.

Spa Gift Basket: Pamper her with this spa gift basket that is the ultimate of Indulgence & Relaxation

Women’s Birthday Gift Box

ManSnacks – BEER SNACKS: Whether it’s watching the big game, or playing poker with his buddies, beer and snacks go hand in hand.

Ultimate Movie Lovers Gift Basket with Redbox Gift card, Dominos Pizza gift card, chocolates, popcorn, snacks, and more

Martha Stewart Antipasto Classics Gift Basket with Italian Cheeses, Bright Green Sicilian Olives, Traditional Wreath-Shaped Crackers, And Our Favorite American-Made Prosciutto

Get Well Gifts Box – Includes Luxury Blanket Wellness Tea Chicken Soup and Word Find Book 

Starbucks Coffee and Teavana Tea Gift Basket: The perfect Starbucks Gift Basket for the coffee lover in your life.

Gift Baskets for Girls with Themed Frozen Novelties and Accessories: