Get ready for cooking great summer meals with these top must-have kitchen gadgets for summer.

Top Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For Summer

Summer is soon upon us, and the bounty of fruits and vegetables galore is about to begin. To make preparing and enjoying summer fruits and vegetables a snap I have created a list of my top must-have kitchen gadgets for summer.

Top Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For Summer 2021

I cringe every time I see a chef participating on Chopped pull out their mandolin slicer. It makes me so nervous someone with catches their fingers in it. That’s why I suggest getting a DASH Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer. It’s designed to keep hands and fingers away from blades, for an easier, safer way to slice The spring-loaded handle pops up, so simply push down to slice in seconds (so easy even your kids can use it)

BUTEFO 8 in 1 Kitchen Tool Set All in 1 Multipurpose Kitchen Gadget Kitchen Tool Bottle

  • Combines 8 different kitchen tools into one
  • Comes with a funnel, juicer, grater, egg cracker, shredder, can opener, egg separator and measuring cup. No need to purchase your kitchen tools separately.

Joie’s Spud Dude Potato Brush cleans potatoes and other fresh fruits and vegetables quickly and easily. Cleaning fresh produce is good practice before it’s consumed, even organic produce. Scrub away dirt, debris, pesticides, and contaminants without removing the delicious and nutritious skins

I picked up a new gadget called the  Watermelon Slicer & Cutter this spring in hopes it would cut our watermelons as easily and neatly as the box says. I found this little gem to be quite handy and I’m sure it will become a standard tool for cutting our watermelons from here on out.

It was easy to use with just a little practice. I had to learn the amount of pressure to use as I sliced the watermelon but after a few times I got a perfect slice each time.

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Cleaning a big bowl of strawberries can be a breeze when you use Chef’n StemGem Strawberry Huller. It’s so safe and easy to use so even young kids can help get strawberries ready for a yummy dessert. 

I love fresh herbs in the summer and try to use them often from our garden. When I cut the herbs with a knife,  they became somewhat mashed instead of crisp-cut leaves. That’s when I tried multi-bladed FreshCut Gourmet Herb Scissors.  They are perfect for cutting all types of freshly grown herbs, yielding small uniform pieces for salads, appetizers, or your main dishes.

I just discovered ZIPZICLE  Zip-Top Ice Pop Pouch and I’m excited about all the delicious popsicles I will be able to make this summer. The convenience of filling, freezing, eating, and tossing the bag sounds like a perfect summer snack for the grandkids. Of course, the adults might have to have a few frozen margarita popsicles of their own.

So Easy To Use – It Will Blow You Away!: Premium Apple Corer has stainless steel twin blades with sharp, serrated tips designed to smoothly core through any apple, pears, bell peppers, cupcakes and more.

This fun and helpful Steam’n Mama is an easy way to steam clean the inside of your microwave so you can get out of the kitchen on hat days.