Be inspired by these fun ways to use wheat for fall decorating that will create an inviting fall theme in your home decor.

wheat craft projects

Wheat is one of my favorite materials to use for fall decorating.  I grew up on a dairy farm in northern Indiana. I loved to ride with my dad in the combine during the fall wheat harvest. We always stared our threshing with first plucking a stalk of wheat, tipping it upside down in the palm of our hand. We then slowly rotated it into a grinding motion to release the wheat berries.

 My dad would then say, blow off the chafe and taste the wheat berries to see if they are ready. These memories are so dear to me. For this reason, I love having wheat in my home for fall decor. It draws my mind back to those days. 

How do you preserve wheat for decorations?

Drying Wheat For Decorations – Pretty DIY Home
Gathering natural elements for Fall decor is an inexpensive fun way to spend an afternoon. Let me show you how to preserve wheat stalks for your Fall decor.
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Do it yourself fall decorating ideas with wheat.

I’ve been gathering some new ideas on using wheat in our home for fall decorating that I would like to share with you all. 

Creating a Fall Tablescape
How to create a beautiful fall tablescape for your table this season! White pumpkins, hydrangeas, vintage silver, and more create the perfect centerpiece.
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DIY Fall Wheat Wreath – On Sutton Place
Step by step tutorial shows you how to make a DIY fall wheat wreath from start to finish!
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Fall DIY: Wheat Wall Hanging — Ampersand Design Studio
Have we gone nuts for fall? Possibly!! We’re coming back at you with another fall DIY that you’re actually going to want to keep up all year round! We’ve taken the wall hanging craze and made it just perfect for this time of year by using when!! We are loving the texture of the natural wheat paired
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Fall Wreath DIY. Make a Simple Wheat Wreath.
An easy to make simple fall wreath made out of wheat, rye or whatever dried grasses you can get your hands on.
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DIY Harvest Wheat Bundle
Make this gorgeous DIY Harvest Wheat Bundle for your table this fall or Thanksgiving!
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Fun wheat craft for kids
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Straw Weaving – Welsh Border Fan
This Straw Weaving tutorial is called “Welsh Border Fan”. It’s a typical design that has it’s origin in Wales. Like all other corn dollies or straw crafts it ho
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How to Embroider Wheat – a Simple Approach
Today, I thought I’d share a quick overview of a very simple method for embroidering wheat motifs. I’ve received several questions about the wheat on this autumn design I’ve been exploring, so I thought I’d share a quick look at how I’m embroidering the wheat on my pumpkin design. Incidentall
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Burlap Wrapped Wheat for Fall Home Decor
This burlap wrapped wheat will look great in your fall home decor. A simple technique with a how to video to follow as well.
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Fall Vignette and Compass Arrow Printable – Rooms For Rent blog
Vignettes are my all time favorite. For me it’s the truest form of expressing your style and personality with those who enter your home. Sometimes I wish I owned a store for the sole fact of being able to create all those lovely vignettes and displays that captivate us to linger just a little bit longer.
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