Best Canned Salsa Recipe

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No Peeling Needed!

This is the easiest recipe for making salsa because you throw everything on a pan and roast it. 

Gather The Veggies

We all know that cherry tomatoes can take over this time of year. One can only eat so many in a salad! Here is the perfect answer to preserving them. 


Salsa Seasonings

I'm teaching you a trick to home can thick, not watery salsa! Tap the link to lear how. 


Roasted Veggies

Toss all your veggies on the pan and roast them until they are slightly golden brown. This draws all the sweetness out and eliminates some of the water. 


Another Super Easy Step

Yet again, a super easy step. Toss the roasted veggies into your blender or food processor. 


Add The Seasonings

Next, you will add the classic salsa seasonings and fresh cilantro leaves and stems. 


Salsa Is Ready To Can

Tap the link below to learn the step-by-step canning instructions.  Oh, and grab a bag of chips. You are going to want to save some to eat now!


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