What To Do With Leftover Ham

Can You Freeze Ham?

This guide covers the best way to freeze whole hams, pieces, bones, or leftovers. You will learn tips and freezing techniques for the best results when freezing any type of ham.

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Why Freeze Ham

* Saves money using leftovers * Great for summer grilling * Can save money buying when on sale. * Makes soups and sandwiches quick on busy nights * Perfect for breakfast dishes such as quiche, omelets, or as a side. 

When freezing all types of ham, the most critical key is to prevent freezer burn. Let's cover the different kinds of ham and how best to freeze each one.

1. Using paper towels, blot off any excess moisture from the surface of the ham. 2. Trim any excess fat. 

3. Carefully wrap the whole hame in freezer paper. Tape the loose edges with freezer tape. 4. Using heavy-duty aluminum foil, wrap the whole ham in the foil, ensuring to overlap the edges.

Secret To Preventing Freezer Burn

Freezing ham bones is a great idea. They are perfect for making soup or cooking in beans.

Learn how to freeze country ham.

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