Drying Bread For Stuffing

 Buy or make the type of bread you will use in your dressing recipe a few days prior to making your dressing. Be sure to look in the day-old bread section of your grocery, they discount a variety of types of bread, such as sourdough bread, white bread and french bread, which is perfect for making the dressing.

Step #1

1. Tear the bread into chunks or cut it into small cubes.

Step # 2

In a large bowl, toss the bread with a little olive oil, coating the bread on all sides.

Step # 3

 Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper, then toss your olive oil-coated bread cubes onto the baking sheet. Toast the bread in a 250-degree oven. Stir often so your bread evenly toasts.

Step # 4

When the bread is dried, remove it from the oven and allow it to cool. Place the dry toasted bread into a large air-tight container or zipper plastic bags. It's ready for dressing assembly day.

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It's important your stuffing is very moist before cooking. Heat destroys bacteria more rapidly in a moist environment. 

Stuffing Tip

As a general rule, it takes 3/4 cup of stuffing per pound of turkey

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For safety it is important the stuffing in a turkey should be 165 degrees F

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