Fried  Corn Fritters Recipe

These fried corn fritters with fresh corn are so light, crispy, and delicious.  Serve with homemade spicy aioli sauce as a party appetizer, first course for a meal, or even as the entree for dinner.

Fresh corn, butter,  half & half, and seasonings are all paired with lobster meat to create an upscale corn fritter. 

Prepare the corn


Sautee fresh corn and green onions in butter.  Sir in cooked lobster meat. It can be omitted if you prefer. 

Mix the batter


Mix together the flour, baking powder, paprika, Old Bay seasoning, and 1 teaspoon of salt in a mixing bowl.



Fry corn fritters for 2 to 3 minutes in avocado oil. Check to be sure they are not getting too brown. Flip and cook until golden brown. 

Make dipping sauce


Saffron threads are the key to this spicy aioli dipping sauce.



It takes less than two minutes to make homemade aioli sauce. It's worth it!

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