Instant Pot Beef Bone Broth

Best Beef Bones 

Using beef oxtail bones create rrich nutrition bone broth. 

Prepare Bones

Before cooking oxtail, it’s a good idea to clean them to remove any impurities or debris, which may include hair. Trim any excess fat and discard.



Place the oxtail pieces in a large bowl and cover them with water, adding a tablespoon of vinegar.


Add Seasonings Before Cooking

Add sliced garlic, fresh sage, thyme sprig, bay leaf, rosemary sprig, salt, and pepper.


Healthy Tip

Using an Instant Pot allows you to chill the broth after cooking to  remove any fat that hardens giving you a healthier broth. 


Why This Bone Broth Is So Rich

Using cartilage rich oxtail bones makes this broth rich and flavorful. Perfect to drink or as a base for soups and stews.