New Year's Day Meal Idea

Let's learn how to make super tasty yet healthy collard greens.


This healthy Southern Keto Collard Greens Recipe has a hint of maple sweetness and a punch of apple cider vinegar sourness that makes this recipe a yummy vegan way to enjoy fresh collard greens.

Pot Liquor Is The Key!

Pot liquor is not alcohol but liquid left in the bottom of the pot after cooking dark greens. Some say it's the best part of cooking greens.

If this is the first time you have cooked collards, let me give you some tips.

It is important to get the tough stem removed for the collard leaf. They are so though it is hard for our bodies to digest.

– Red pepper flakes – Hot pepper vinegar – Hot sauce – Parmesan cheese – A variety of nuts & seeds

Good Luck

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