Peach Salsa Recipe For Canning

Salsa & BBQ Sauce

Great with chips or smother it on grilled chicken

How To Easily Peel Peaches


Dice up your peaches and discard the pits. To get tips for keeping them fresh, tap below.

Fill your pot with the cut peaches. Turn on the heat and get them simmering.

Using gloves, slice up and remove the seeds (or not) of red and green jalapenso.

Dice up some onions. My favorite is sweet Vidalia. Peaches and onions are a Georgia thing! They go great together.

Add some sweet bell peppers to the mix. Note, try to keep your veggies all the same size for easy chip dipping later on.

Use an immersion blender to blend your cooked down peaches.

Toss in your chopped veggies. Then add chopped cilantro, honey garlic, cumin, salt, and cayenne pepper

Tap below to get canning instructions. You will be glad you did this winter!

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