Roasted peppers develop unique flavor and texture. With a few simple tips, you will be able to roast, peel and chop your own jalapenos without burning your hands and eyes.

Only a few simple ingredients are needed to roast your own smoky flavored jalapenos in the oven. You can do a few or a big batch and freeze them.

*Seed & core the peppers *Mix olive oil & liquid smoke then toss it in the bowl with the peppers *Place the peppers on a baking sheet

*Cover after baking & allow to steam 15 minutes * Peel peppers skin off  leaving the soft flesh of the pepper 

🔥 EXTRA SPICY TIP If you like jalapenos really spicy, skip the coring of the seeds. Just trim the stem off and roast the whole pepper, seeds, and all.

Ok, lets get roasting! Head over to Intentional Hospitality for complete instructions. This is going to be a great addition to all your Mexican recipes!

Click the link below to print the recipe and don't forget to pin it for later while you are there! You will be glad you did.