Warm Crab Dip

Easy  Slow Cooker Recipe


Classic seafood seasonings wrapped up in a cheesy creamy dip.

Ready To Cook In  Under 5 Minutes

Mix cream cheese, shredded cheddar cheese and the remaining ingredients except for the crab meat. Mix until creamy.


Crab Meat Tips

Learn the best type of crab meat for this recipe and tips to save you $ on lump crab meat.


Gently fold the lump crab meat into the cream cheese mixture, being careful the crab stays in large chunks.


The Perfect Slow Cooker For Making Dips

Spoon the mixture into your small slow cooker and set it on low for 2 hours.


Dip It!

Learn how to serve this hot Maryland Crab Dip and get great scoop-it-up ideas. 


Boiling Crab Sauce

Crab Pinwheels

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