What is a meal train?  

Get Your Free  Meal Train Planner

The purpose of a meal train is to help friends or family going through a time of transition such as a new baby or a difficult time due to sickness.

Get Your Free  How-To Guide Starting a meal train is easy but it does require a little planning from the person organizing it.

Step 1: Meet With The Recipient

Get a list of questions in your free guide. When would they like meals to start? How often? Do they have food preferences and allergies and so on.

Step 2:  Request Assistance From Others

Get ideas for how to word the invitation to the group you are asking to help out.

Step 3: Print

Print a sign up sheet for for those who agree to take a meal. This will help everyone stay organized.

Step 4: Learn how to communicate with everyone

There are many ways to keep your meal train running smoothly for those providing the meals.

Get tips and ideas on how to pack food for a meal train. There are also great recipes ideas that are great for meal delivery.

Print a meal delivery  sheet to go with each meal delivered. This really helps the recipients.

Be sure to read  9 TIPS FOR MEAL DAY PREP & DELIVERY  in your printable planner.