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VIP Recipe Testers Group

Are you a food enthusiast who enjoys trying new recipes and sharing your thoughts about them? If so, I want to invite you to join Intentional Hospitality’s exclusive VIP Recipe Testing Group!

As a member, I will send you a few recipes each month to test in your own kitchen, and provide me with honest feedback and suggestions. When I publish the recipe post, I may share some insights and tips from my VIP recipe testers to help my readers make the recipe successfully.

Here’s what being a recipe tester entails:

  1. Testing Recipes: You’ll have the option to test two or three recipes per month, but it’s entirely up to you whether you choose to participate based on your menu planning and time available. 
  2. Feedback Form: After trying out a recipe, you’ll fill out a quick 1-minute feedback form. This form will help me understand how easy the recipe was to make, whether you would make any changes and any additional thoughts or ideas you may have. I would also really enjoy a snapshot of your finished recipe. 

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