How To Make Boiled Peanuts In A Crockpot


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How do you eat a boiled peanut?

Some people crack the soggy shells open with their hands. They're also people that pop the whole peanut in their mouth, crack it open with their teeth, extract the nut, and spit out the shell

What kind of peanuts should be used?

To make boiled peanuts, you must use fresh raw or green peanuts. You can usually get these in the late summer months. Dried or roasted peanuts will not work.

How do you season boiled peanuts?

Many boiled peanut vendors offer either traditional or Cajun. You can infuse flavor in your boiled peanuts by adding seasonings, spices, and even aromatic vegetables like jalapeño peppers


1. Add salt, vinegar, peanuts, and water into the Crockpot 2. Add seasoning, Stir 3. Cover and cook on low for 22 to 24 hours.

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How To Serve

The classic way to serve boiled peanuts is in a paper bag. 

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Once you make your boiled peanuts why not use them to make boiled peanut hummus!