Mashed Potatoes  (Dairy Free)

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Looking for a non-dairy mashed potato recipe or maybe a unique way to serve mashed potatoes? Then you need to try these olive oil mashed potatoes. They are smooth, creamy with a hint of Tuscan herbs.


Garlic cloves  Rosemary fresh sprigs  Lemon zest  Vegetable broth  Crushed red pepper Salt and pepper Fresh parsley

BEST POTATOES FOR MASHED POTATOES The best potatoes for mashed potatoes are Russet or Yukon Gold because of their naturally buttery flavor. They have the densest and most uniform flesh of the potato varieties when prepared in recipes.

SEASONING VARIATIONS * Lemon juice & fresh thyme  * Sriracha sauce * Curry powder * Chipotle pepper &  adobo sauce * Pesto * Roasted Garlic

Olive oil is a wonderful substitute for dairy and nut milk to make creamy mashed potatoes. You are going to be really surprised how creamy these vegan mashed potatoes are.

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Recipe Tips

Add potatoes to cool water then boil. Bring water to a boil then reduce heat to medium   Keep them firm. Do not overcook them to the point they are falling apart.

Choose a good-quality olive oil that has a light, fruity, and buttery flavor. Be sure it is first pressed, The olive oil extracted from the first pressing is of the highest quality and purity. Also, be sure it was cold-pressed. 

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How To Buy  Olive Oil

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