Valentines Cocktail

Sweet & Spicy Love Potion !

Whip up this sweet and spicy romantic cocktail for the one you love. The infused ginger and cinnamon in a sweet, simple syrup gives each sip a bit of heat. Then mix in a splash of tart cranberry, ginge ale, and vodka

A little spice, something sweet, tart and smooth!

Learn how to make this pink  sugar for the rim of your cocktalil glass.

Shhhhh, here is the secret to this cocktail.

What makes this cocktail so delicious is  an infused simple syrup using fresh ginger and cinnamon sticks.

What could be more romantic than food grade rose petals sprinkled over your cocktail?

Stir up your love potion with one of these Valentine's Day red heart plastic drink stirrers

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