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My new ecookbook, Party In The Freezer is a collection of appetizers and a quick meal you can make and freeze before the holidays get busy. Then when company pops in all you have to do is pull one of the recipes from your freezer and bake. Hot, fresh appetizers baked in your oven in no time. Your friends will be so impressed and it’s easy on you.

More party recipes to try

PARTY DRINKS: For more party food recipes be sure and check out my newest recipes. If you are looking for the best party punch recipes that are either alcoholic or non-alcoholic, I have a great list of unique & delicious party punch recipes.

UPSCALE APPETIZER: I have a great upscale type of recipe that you can keep all the ingredients on hand and make it in 15 minutes when company is coming over. Sweet & Savory Baked Brie With Cranberry Jam.

MAKE AHEAD: You could also make ahead my Green Marinated Sicilian Olives Recipe and keep them in the fridge for when company comes over. The olives are infused with fresh herbs, garlic, dried oregano, a pinch of chili pepper for heat all smothered in extra virgin olive oil and white vinegar dressing. They are perfect for an upscale cocktail party or a special treat on a healthy charcuterie board.

SNACK TIME: If you have a night to just chill with family and friends while watching a movie make a batch of maple glazed popcorn. Just a little sweet and salty for the perfect snack food.

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