Homemade punch is perfect for a party! It’s the best way to serve a group or crowd, and easy to keep refills going! To help you host, I’ve collected a list of 25+ party punch recipes, many with or without alcohol.

There are ideas for rum punch, vodka punch, and sparkling champagne punch. As well as holiday punch suggestions, hot punch recipes, and kid-friendly party punch ideas, too

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easy party punch in glasses and pitchers

After you decide on a punch recipe for your party, you will want to visit my party food and party theme ideas. A themed party makes it easier to plan and shop for the menu. Also, if you enjoy serving individual cocktails, try Valentines Day cocktails, they are all great for bridal showers or birthday parties. You can also make a big batch of Easy Mocktails for your guests.

My most popular cocktail recipes are Masters golf themed. Try an Arnold Palmer, Azalea Cocktail, or a Transfusion.

Why Punch Is A Good Drink For Parties

The best drinks for a party are ones that your guest can serve themselves and sip on all evening. Party juice recipes are perfect for a party, it’s easy to keep refills going, and there are fruit juices in the punch that help guests not get dehydrated. Staying hydrated will help keep hangovers to a minimum the next morning.

Lady drinking punch

How Much Punch Do I Make For My Party?

You will need to take into consideration how long you plan to have your party. You also will want to figure out if you are serving adults or children and if you will be serving food or light snacks. If you have a big dinner planned, you will not need as much, but if only a few light snacks, guests will probably fill up on punch also.

How many people will a gallon of punch serve?

On average, you can figure 10 people will be served per gallon of punch.

How Much Alcohol Goes In Punch?

drunk man after strong party juice

As a general rule mix, two parts alcohol to three parts punch. However, if you are using strong-grain alcohol, only add five or six shots per gallon.

Don’t knock their socks off!

The point of serving party juice is for your guest to enjoy sipping on it throughout the whole party. It’s best to have enough alcohol to give it a little kick. You want your guest to have an enjoyable evening talking together and remember it the next day. Oh, and nobody wants to wake up with a hangover, either.

If it is a long party, you could always offer the same punch recipe, alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

What To Put In Punch To Make It Taste Great

If you are trying to decide what would be the best recipe for your party punch, then take into consideration the season, holiday, and what your guest would enjoy.

What are good fruit juices for punch?

juice bottles for punch recipes

If you want to make a fruity punch recipe, then there are a large variety of fruit juices that are perfect for punch recipes. Choose a recipe that has some of your favorites. Don’t be afraid to try some different combinations of juices together.

  • orange juice
  • pineapple juice
  • lemon juice
  • grapefruit juice
  • cranberry juice
  • lime juice

What type of alcohol do you add to party juice?

It’s a good idea to keep in mind to only add alcohol that will not overpower the flavors of your punch. Try using light, low-proof spirits vs. hard liquors.

  • Coconut rum (my personal favorite)
  • Dark rum (good for warm fall punches)
  • White, Blanco tequila
  • White rum
  • Volka (using fruit-flavored vodka adds sweet notes to your punch)

How To Add Bubbles To Punch

To make your punch more festive, just add bubbles. There are a variety of drinks you can add to a punch recipe to give it that fizzy feel while your guests sip on it.

  • Champagne
  • Lemon-lime soda (diet or regular)
  • Ginger-ale (diet or regular)
  • Ginger beer
  • Soda water (this would be good with a particularly sweet recipe)

How To Keep Punch Fizzy

Sparkling punches begin to lose their fizz after about 2 hours, so don’t add the sparkling ingredients until right before serving. If your party is going to last more than 2 hours, divide your punch in half and mix a fresh batch of punch and fizz product after two hours.

How To Garnish Punch

  • You can add flowers, herb leaves, or slices of fruit to your ice molds before freezing for a pretty garnish.
  • For your guest’s cups, add extra garnishes such as mint leaves, sliced lemons or limes, fresh fruit slices, or cinnamon sticks.

Tips For Serving Punch

After you decide on what type of punch you want to serve at your party, your next step is deciding what to serve it in so your guest can serve themselves throughout the night.

friends dipping in the punch bowl and filling their cups

What to serve punch in

It really depends on the style of party you are throwing as to what type of glass to serve punch in. If it’s a super chilled backyard party, then red solo cups are great. For baby showers or bridal showers, it would be nice to use punch cups or stemless wine glasses. However, if you are throwing a formal type of party or special occasion like New Year’s Eve, it would be fun to serve your party juice in stemmed wine glasses or champagne flute glasses.

Punch bowl ideas

There are a variety of containers you can serve punch in.

  • Glass beverage dispenser with pour spout
  • Large pitcher
  • Large punch bowl
  • Drink fountain

Punch Bowl Set with 8 Punch Glasses

How To Keep Punch Cool

  1. Only use large blocks or rings of ice. Ice cubes melt quickly, and water your punch down. Just be sure to leave room for labeling out the punch.
  2. Chill all your liquid ingredients before mixing the punch. It will stay cooler longer if you start with chilled ingredients.
  3. If you do not have any bubbly ingredients, such as club soda or ginger ale, in your punch, you could freeze the actual punch for an ice ring or block. That way, as it melts, the juice will not get watered down.
  4. Don’t add your ice until the last minute, just before guests arrive.

How To Serve Hot Party Juice Punch

When making a hot punch, plan on mixing the punch up beforehand and allowing it to cool. Don’t add the spirits until it is time to reheat and serve your punch. Reheat in a pan on the stove. To keep the punch warm while serving, use a Crockpot set on low.

Best Way To Serve Punch For A Long Party

If you plan for a late evening, the best way to keep your punch fresh is to divide your punch mixture in half or thirds. Place the mixture in large jugs or pitchers with lids, then store in the fridge. Plan on refilling the punch bowl a few times throughout the party. This will keep it fresh and not so watered down.

What To Do With Leftover Punch

If you have mixed your punch and have leftovers, you can keep it in the refrigerator for up to four days. Keep in a pitcher with a tight-fitting lid. The fizz will be gone if you added some bubbly drink to it, but the flavor will still be good.

Best Party Punch Recipes

Take a look through these top party juice recipes, and if you see one that might be perfect for your next party, click on get the recipe to get your printable recipe card.

Alcoholic Punch Recipes Ideas

White Wine Peach Sangria Recipe | Amanda Wilens
This white wine peach sangria with whiskey recipe is easy and delicious. It can be made in a beautiful The Little Market pitcher for a party.
Pineapple Upside Down Cake Pitcher Cocktails
Looking for a sweet and easy to make drink? This pineapple upside-down cake pitcher cocktails is a hit at any get-together, year-round.
Sparkling Bourbon Peach Punch
This sparkling bourbon peach punch features aromatic bourbon, ginger beer and a bounty of fresh fruit including pomegranate.
Rum Punch Recipe – Rum Punch Mixed Drinks – How to Make Rum Punch
If you’ve ever wondered how to make rum punch, look no further than this fruity Rum Punch recipe! The perfect cocktail for any occasion!
Classic Margarita Pitchers (No Simple Syrup!)
Put down that margarita mix! This homemade pitcher of margaritas is SO much better! My recipe is made as simple as it gets made without any simple syrup, and just 3 ingredients: orange liquor, freshly

Punch Recipes Without Pineapple Juice

Boozy Watermelon Punch
This refreshing Boozy Watermelon Punch is the ultimate summer party drink. A tasty blend of watermelon, vodka, lime, and sparkling water will have you and your friends sipping all day long!
Boozy Watermelon Punch
Caramel Apple Sangria #SundaySupper
This fruity sangria recipe is the drink of your dreams! Fill your glass with bubbly Caramel Apple Sangria, then add a sugary caramel rim. This will be your favorite easy sangria recipe! #SundaySupper
Caribbean Rum Punch (The Perfect Party Cocktail)
This Bajan Rum Punch recipe is easy to make and requires no special skills. Whip this drink up for Canada Day or any summer party!

Punch Recipes Without Sprite

Ginger Peach White Sangria
Simple and refreshing, Ginger Peach White Sangria is an easy cocktail recipe for all of your summer occasions! Fresh peaches and ginger beer–perfect combo!
Blood Orange Champagne Sangria
Get festive with a bubbly Blood Orange Champagne Sangria! A simple and delicious cocktail with fresh blood oranges and bubbly!
Hippie Juice Cocktail for a Crowd
This delicious summer cocktail is made with lemonade and watermelon vodka to make the summer’s best big-batch cocktail for parties and gatherings.

Vodka Punch Recipes

Rosé Sangria with Vodka Recipe | Amanda Wilens
An easy batched cocktail recipe using rosé wine, vodka, fresh or frozen fruit. This rosé sangria is great for spring or summer gatherings.
Vodka Party Punch {5 Ingredient Fruit Punch} – Miss in the Kitchen
Vodka Party Punch is a simple fruit punch for parties and celebrations. Easy to make ahead in a large batch and can even be frozen for a slushie cocktail.

Pink Punch Recipes

5-Ingredient Pink Vodka Lemonade
This pink vodka lemonade recipe is quick and easy with a beautifully feminine presentation! Perfect for lunches and relaxing holidays!
Sparkling Hibiscus Lime Punch
This non-alcoholic Sparkling Hibiscus Lime Punch is fresh, fruity, and perfect for summer. It’s a sweet and tart drink that goes great with brunch.

Non-alcoholic Punch Recipe Suggestions

Sparkling Citrus Mocktail for a Brunch Crowd
As spring approaches, it starts to get warmer out and I start to feel like hosting fun brunches for my friends and family. That’s where this Sparkling Citrus Mocktail comes in. With lemon, lime, and grapefruit, it can serve as a mocktail or a cocktail for those that want a little extra in their drin…
Sparkling Citrus Mocktail for a Brunch Crowd
Non Alcoholic Sangria (Sangria Mocktail)
This Non Alcoholic Sangria Recipe is colourful, flavorful and so refreshing. Making Sangria Mocktail ahead of time is perfect for fun and easy entertaining!
Grandma’s Peach Punch
This fun slushy punch is family friendly and perfect for a party. It is refreshing, fun and easy to make Break out that punch bowl, it’s party time! A proper party deserves

Holiday Punch Recipe Ideas

Christmas Punch with Cranberries
Christmas Punch with Cranberries is tasty and super easy to make, perfect for holiday parties. Only 4 ingredients, a non alcoholic Cranberry Punch that’s
Fall Pumpkin Party Punch
A unique way to enjoy the pumpkin spice frenzy this season is a glass of Fall Pumpkin Party Punch. It contains REAL pumpkin, spiced rum and more!
Christmas Punch
This Christmas punch is a blend of pomegranate, lime and cranberry, all mixed together into a fizzy beverage that’s perfect for any holiday party.
Christmas Punch Recipe [+VIDEO] | MasalaHerb.com
Fruity Christmas punch prepared with whole ingredients from scratch in minutes. With instruction to serve in a bowl or in individual glasses.

Hot Punch Recipes

Lazy Hot Spiked Apple Cider Recipe – The Lazy Slow Cooker
Seasonally spiced hot spiked apple cider is perfect for everything from an evening by the fire pit to a snow day to your holiday dinner table.
Hot Wassail
Hot Wassail is a fragrant, warm, mulled apple cider with oranges, cranberries, and cinnamon. Perfect for the holidays or on a cold, winter day!

Punch Recipe For Kids

Non-alcoholic mulled wine, a special heartwarming drink for kids
This non-alcoholic mulled wine is perfect for children to enjoy during the holiday season, make on the stove or in the slow cooker.
Shirley Temple Punch
This punch is perfect for children’s birthday parties, backyard get-togethers and even adult parties if you feel like having a non-alcoholic option.