Taste Of  The Masters Hosting Kit 

Get Copycat Recipes & Party Decor Ideas

The Masters hosting kit is in limited supply. Did you know you can make your own taste of the Masters? 

– Egg Salad (24 oz.) – Pimento Cheese (24 oz.) – Pork Bar-B-Que (24 oz.) – Plain Potato Chips (6) – Bar-B-Que Potato Chips (6) – Cookies (12) – Masters Branded Souvenir Cups ( 25) – Masters Branded Wax Paper (12 sheets) – Masters Coasters (12) – Hosting Kit Paper Products

What Is In A Masters Hosting Kit?

Learn all the secrets to making authentic Masters pimento cheese. 

Buy plain and bar-b-que chips for the most authentic copycat Masters hosting kit.

Be sure to get the recipe below for the Masters egg salad. Perfect to use up all those hard-boiled Easter eggs. 

Pork Bar-B-Que is next on the list.  For a fun twist, try my Bacon & Whisky BBQ Sauce with your pulled pork. Tap the recipe below.

The Masters chicken salad is not in the hostess kit however, you are going to want to make this recipe also! 

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