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It’s easy to host an iconic Masters golf party! I have created a party menu full of famous Masters golf recipes to serve your guests, and give you fun golf themed decoration ideas. I even tell you where you can get your own green jacket for your party outfit. 

I have everything you need to tee up a hole-in-one golf party!

masters food that you can make at home to serve at a viewing party on Masters Sunday

A viewing party is a great way to gather with friends who also appreciate the Augusta National’s Masters tournament hosted the first full week of April. With some planning, you can create your own memorable Masters Sunday event right in your home. Everyone is going to have so much fun!

Attending the Masters Tournament is an experience of a lifetime that can only be understood if you have walked the golf course and experienced the sights, sounds, and ambiance. 

The prestige and honor intertwine your mind as you observe the top players in the world performing on a pristine canvas called Augusta National.

augusta national golf course putting green

Attending the Master’s tournament can be a once-in-a-lifetime special event.  If you were not lucky enough to get drawn for tickets to this great sporting event, the next best thing would be hosting a Masters viewing party in your living room.

Masters Themed Party Planner Printable

To make your Masters party planning easy, get a copy of my Master’s Party Planner. The planner has a golf-themed look with all the following printable blank pages.

  • Brainstorming golf party page
  • Guest list
  • Menu planning
  • Decorations
  • Entertainment
  • Day of the party schedule
  • Count down checklist by month, week, and days
  • Party space grid planner
  • Free printable letter banner
golf party planner pages and pages from a printable golf themed banner

Can I use the Augusta National logo for decorations? 

Augusta National front gate sign off Washington Road

Augusta National takes its logo copyright very seriously. If you find products with their logo somewhere other than the gift shop in Augusta, it’s probably a knockoff. 

Out of respect for Augusta National, I have not included any decorations that can be printed or purchased with the logo on them.

This Web site and all textual, illustrative, video, and audio information and other data (collectively “Content”) contained or displayed herein are the exclusive property of Augusta National, Inc. The content is available for personal viewing and reading only and is not to be copied, reproduced, performed, displayed, published, distributed, edited, or modified, in whole or in part, by any means, for any purpose without the express consent of Augusta National, Inc.

Golf Party Decoration Ideas 

The Masters golf tournament has distinctive green, white, and yellow colors that you can use to decorate your home for your viewing party. 

32Ft Yellow Green White Pennant Banner

Green and Yellow Pom Pom Balls

Next, fill your home with the classic pink azaleas that Augusta is known for. Fresh azaleas are not always easy to purchase, so opt for silk flowers.

Fun Golf Party Favors

For fun, give your guest a stress golf ball as a party favor. Perfect for watching an intense playoff. They could also use these on a stressful workday.

DIY Golf Wreath Door Decor

Greet your Masters viewing party guest with party decorations to set the stage as soon as they get to your door.

DIY golf wreath on front door with two clubs criss cross and golf balls

How to make a Masters golf wreath

  1. To make your own wreath, start with a simple wreath from your local craft store.
  2. Add some Masters traditional colors with green foliage and yellow flowers.
  3. Next, head to your local thrift store and purchase some kids-size golf clubs. I got these for $7 at our local Goodwill.
  4. Wire the golf clubs in an X pattern across the wreath
  5. Hot glue some golf balls on the bottom corner and hang

What To Wear To A Masters Party

A perfect choice to wear to a Masters party is, of course, a green jacket.

The caddie uniform is an iconic part of the Masters. If you want to read more, visit Augusta National’s article Masters 101: The Caddie Jumpsuit

If casual attire is your style, then get My Green Jacket Is At the Tailors t-shirt. Everyone knows a real green jacket is custom-tailored after you win.

green jacket at the tailor t-shirt

What Do Women Wear To The Masters?

woman in blue dress with blue masters hat on, standing on the masters golf course

Angela from the Thrifty Pineapple shares great tips and ideas for women attending the Masters. She also gives 5 Things I Definitely Recommend Wearing/Bringing to the tournament. 

As a local Augustan, I think Angela nails the three types of patrons and how they dress. Local women are a collector of baseball-style Masters hats. I have some dating back to when I was in high school. Yes, they are over 30 years old. They always stay in style. 

  1. Serious Golfers: You can tell the serious golfers right off the bat. They have cute golf skirts, polos, pullover sweaters, and sneakers on. They don’t care about anything but watching the tournament.
  2. Locals: These people have been to the Masters more times than you can count. They’re rocking cute chino shorts, a sweater, and likely an old Masters hat. It is obvious this isn’t their first rodeo, and they’re likely there on business.
  3. Stylish Cuties: When walking through the parking lot, I was like, “dang it, I’m for sure way overdressed.” However, as the day went on, I saw more and more people dressed like me. There were a lot of Lilly dresses and a lot of seersucker, most of which were dressed down with hats or sneakers. Don’t get me wrong, I did get some strange looks from serious golfers, but we were both there for different reasons.
a taste of tradition famous augusta copycat recipes

Masters Party Menu

Here is a great idea for your Masters viewing party menu. Recreate the concession stand menu. I promise, next to the last putt into the 18th green’s hole, the food you serve will be the most memorable part of your party! 

Menu sign at the Masters golf tournament with yellow flowers around bottom

Masters Sandwiches Recipes

Pimento Cheese Sandwiches
There are many Masters pimento cheese recipes on the internet, but this copycat recipe is authentic. The recipe combination of ingredents are taken from an actual Masters tournament sandwach wrapper. Here's a tip, always serve this pimento spread on white bread.
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Masters pimento cheese sandwich, on a green plastic wrapper, masters hat and masters map
Masters Egg Salad
This creamy egg salad recipe that fills the Masters famous sandwich, has carefully been kept a secret. However, I have meticulously created this copycat recipe using the ingredients listed on a sandwich bag that I brought home from the Masters tournamet. It's a Masters staple for every patron on the course.
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Masters egg salad in a bowl and a sandwich on White Bread golf tees Masters ball and Masters towel near them
Masters Chicken Salad Sandwich
Even if you can not make it to the tournament, you can have a taste of the Masters when you make this copycat Masters Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe. Augusta National serves a classic chicken salad.
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masters chicken salad sandwich on a green wrapper

How To Serve Masters Sandwiches

At the Masters, the food is all served in plastic green bags or snack bags. If you want to be authentic, then get a box of these green plastic sandwich bags.

What To Serve With Masters Sandwiches

potato chip bags at the masters golf tournament

The concession stands even have Masters logos on their snacks.

  • Potato chips
  • BBQ chips
  • Peanuts
  • Fresh mixed fruit
  • Masters trail mix
Famous Green Jacket Salad Original Recipe
The famous Green Jacket Salad Original Recipe is sure to be a hole-in-one at your next party! It takes under 10 minutes to make this amazing salad that was served at the iconic Green Jacket Restaurant in Augusta, GA.
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green jacket salad on a plate with masters program book next to it

Masters Party Drinks and Cocktails

Keeping with a golf theme for your menu, be sure to serve these Augusta favorite drinks.

The Pink Masters Azalea Cocktail
The famous Masters Azalea Cocktail recipe combines fruity sweetness with vodka to create a delicious, beautiful pink azalea-colored drink. It’s a favorite spring cocktail that is served all over Augusta during Masters Tournament week
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masters azalea cocktail with cherry and orange wedge sitting next to a masters hat and tickets
Secret Masters Stand 12 Drink Recipe
Stand 12 is a light thirst-quenching layered drink served in a clear Masters cup created by one of the concession stand workers. The spiked version is perfect to serve on a Masters cocktail menu.
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stand 12 drink in a masters cup with ticket and map of the Augusta National golf course.
Transfusion Golf Cocktail
This refreshing transfusion cocktail is the perfect way to cool down after a round of golf or to sip on while you watch your favorite golfer play in The Masters Tournament!  This vodka-based links drink needs only four ingredients and is easy to make. This golf cocktail is bubbly, fruity, and goes down so easy!!
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transfusion drink in glas with masters golf ball and towel next to it.
Arnold Palmer Drink
This drink is a classic thirst quenching marriage between two summertime favorites, tea, and lemonade.  Add 2 ounces of voldka, a sprig of mint and you have the perfect Spiked Arnold Palmer.
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arnold palmer tea in a glass with mint and lemon, masters golf ball next to it

Masters Golf Themed Dessert Ideas

Masters Peach Ice Cream Sandwich
You are going to crave these Masters Peach Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies. Wrapped in sweet chewy sugar cookies then filled with fresh peaches and ice cream, its the perfect make-ahead dessert.
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georgia peach ice cream sandwich with a masters cup of tea, and badge
Augusta National Sour Cream Pound Cake
This pound cake is not served at the Masters, however it has been served in the members only restarant.
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famous pound cake with mint and blueberries on plates, masters towel and masters spectator guide

Golf Themed Serving Dishes

watercolor art recipe cards for Masters pimento cheese and Augusta National pound cake that can be printed and framed.

How To Set Up A Tournament Viewing Party TV

The Masters Tournament website is a must-visit so you are sure you do not miss a moment of the tournament action. There are also great moments in golf clips that you will definitely want to watch.

screen shots of the masters website, live feed tab

Watch great moments in golf at the Masters 

Before the tournament starts on TV, your party guest will enjoy watching these great moments in golf at the Masters.  Cast these videos to your TV from your laptop or phone. I get goosebumps watching these! Great moments like these:

  • A Fourth Green Jacket Earned
  • 1986 Final Round
  • Donning a Sixth Green Jacket
  • Naturescapes from Augusta National Golf Club 
  • 2004 Masters Final Round
  • Walk the Grounds of Augusta National Golf Club with Geoff Shackelford
  • A Love Letter from Jack Nicklaus
  • Rory McIlroy: Tuesday Interview 2019
  • The Art of Putting at Augusta

Listen to live Masters Broadcast

Be sure to tune in the the Masters Live Feed during the tournament week. 

Masters Podcast

You also might like to listen to the official Masters Podcast replays during your party. Follow along as host Marty Smith explores Tournament storylines and visits with notable guests from the worlds of sport, entertainment, and pop culture.

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