You are going to be surprised at how easy it is to create a beautiful all-purpose craft room. If you enjoy sewing, painting, photography, drawing, or any other art project you need an area to do your work and keep your supplies. Here you will find tips on organizing and Ikea hacks that will customize your room to your favorite arts and craft.

pictures for craft room ideas for how to create an all purpose craft room

My studio is my happy place, a place to be creative whether it’s working in colored pencils, watercolors, sewing, crafts, or photography there is space to do it all. There is also storage to keep all my supplies neatly in order.

How can I organize my craft room for cheap?

I have a lot of good ideas that will help you create an organized craft room of your how. A place where you can get away, relax and enjoy some quiet crafting time. The one key to organizing your craft room for cheap is to purchase cute boxes that match each other and stack well. I also like to purchase small tins for open storage supplies. You could also paint glass jars you collect from you kitchen garbage. Just keep them painted in similar tones or colors for a cohesive look.

You can also get second-hand furniture from a thrift store and give it a fun coat of paint. If you love doing particular types of crafting, sewing, drawing, or painting, add some of this to your painted furniture with decals, painted images, or add cute knobs to the drawers.

Craft room design layout

As we tour my studio, you will see that I have crafting zones—one area for drawing, one for messy craft projects. I also have a sewing zone and a photography area. It’s a good idea to design your own craft room to think about how you will be using your supplies. Try to group your supplies in cabinets or drawers by where you will be using them and what you will be using them with. this makes for easy access with your creative juices start to flow, and it helps for quick cleanup to keep your craft room looking neat and inspiring.

Intentional hospitalities craft room with architect table storage boxes for my Kia colored pencils scissors and a fur line chair to be comfortable in when doing crafts

How do you set up a craft room?

Setting up your own craft room is so pleasurable. Whether you have a big or small room or maybe even a tucked away closet I have some great ideas for you. Most are craft room on a budget idea. Let’s start with the corner I am writing this blog post form. This little corner is where I enjoy sitting with my computer, quietly working on a blog post or browsing through Pinterest getting ideas to do in my studio

Kraft corner for intentional Hospitality with a spinning scissor holder bulletin board and CD player

I have made the bulletin board for this area to pin all my I want to do someday pictures. I just took some old picture frames, removed the glass, painted them, and then added a fabric-covered foam core board. I also have my music station area here. The small white cabinet stores all my music CDs

Ikea craft room ideas

As you will see, Ikea is my one-stop-shop for inexpensive craft room furniture. The billy shelves with doors are perfect for hiding away all your supplies. It’s hard to be creative in chaos. I also took an Ikea dining room side table and made it into the biggest ironing board you will ever need!

Craft room for intentional hospitality with a mannequin for sewing in the corner shelves with craft supplies and an architect table with craft boxes sitting underneath

My drafting table is where I mostly enjoy drawing, colored pencils or watercolors. Below the table are large boxes I got from Ikea that hold all kinds of craft supplies.

Close up of pencil holder for Prisma colored pencils

I created this colored pencil holder for the majority of my Prisma pencils. I used large straws hot-glued between two boards to create a stand so I could easily see all my colors and the names of each

50 colored pencils in a pencil holder all sitting up vertically so you can see the colors

I placed it on a base so it is easy to move closer to me while I am working

An old egg crate basket tipped upside down with a light bulb run through it hanging from the ceiling as a decorative Chandelier

This light is one of my favorite items in my studio. I grew up on a family farm and I have fond memories of my grandpa carry this basket full of eggs back to the house each day.

Intentional Hospitality studio with large Ikea shelves and Parson table with two chairs in the center for the crafting area

The next area is our sewing and multi-purpose table. It pulls out from the wall if  4 people need to sit around for a ladies’ craft night.

Metal cans with handles of different types of pens and pencils

On both sides of my table I have Ikea Billy bookcases and inside each are Ikea boxes for storage. The small side shelving units are also Ikea and are sold as cd storage. However, I like putting buckets and glass jars in mine for open, easy access storage.

Ikea Hack Ironing Board

Moving around the room you will find my rather large ironing board. I wanted it close to our sewing area and large enough to iron table cloths on easily. This is normally sold as a dining room sidebar from Ikea

Ikea Hack Ironing Board

I created my own Ikea hack by adding an extension to the end of the top. I then covered the whole top with thick padding and then covered it with ironing board fabric.

Decal of birds on the wall that are sitting in a tree

Moving around the room I have a stack of buckets and a cheesecake pan, which might look out of place and strange but they do have a purpose. See that window in the door, placing those buckets in front of it, and then place a large cutting board on top of all that creates a perfect backdrop for a food photoshoot. So the bucks have a home in this corner

Close up of birds sitting in a tree on the wall using sticker spot at IKEA

I added these Ikea bird stickers from floor to ceiling in this area also, just to give a punch of color and because I love birds

Craft room with shelf for photography supplies such as glasses plates and cutting boards rolling cart with photography supplies and photography light sitting on an Ikea desk

Next is my favorite area for photography. I have a large white bookshelf to hold a few of my favorite styling props and a shelf for my camera lenses and batteries.

Ikea rolling cart with drawers pulled out so that you can see plates dishes towels and utensils used in photography

Below my backdrops and lights table is a small Ikea storage unit that I keep more food photo props in.

Ikea desk with rolling cart underneath and then shelves with drawing figure books and decorations up on the wall and a picture frame that has been made into a bulletin board

The photography area extends over into more desktop space for whatever messy project I might have going.

Craft room with shelves up on the wall holding art books for drawing painting and a jar brushes

Above this area, I use an Ikea shelf and instead of mounting it vertically, I put it up horizontally.

Art books on a table with titles for pin and ink botanical portraits colored pencil techniques and watercolor techniques

I keep a few of my favorite art books on the shelves and things that make me happy like this jar of starfish because I love the beach.

Old fashioned water pitcher and saucer with watercolor brushes in it

This vase and saucer are from my childhood growing up on the farm. I keep my good watercolor brushes up on the shelf in this vase so they don’t get used for anything but watercolors.

Picture frame that has been made into a bulletin board with burlap background

Below the shelf unit is another bulletin board I made. This one has inspirational ideas and quotes on it.

Hot pink Ikea office chair with white fur rug covering it

This is my favorite chair to sit in. The faux fur is another Ikea find. I love how the splash of pink peeks through from the chair but not enough to lose the clean white theme in the room.

Antique Kodak measuring cup with pens in it

What is the best color for a craft room?

Personally, I like soft muted tones with white furniture. When I am photographing or working on a painting I will not have color from my walls bouncing off and reflecting an unusual shade on my work. However, if you love big and bold then go for it. A craft room is a place that inspires you and lights a fire of creativity in you.

My studio is about using things I love to organize and that have personal meaning to me. This pharmacy measuring jar belonged to my mom and I enjoy using it for a pen holder.

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