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Get ready for the 2024 Masters Tournament with these authentic tasting copycat recipes inspired by the historic Augusta National’s Masters golf tournament. Create a full Masters Party Menu with these make-at-home recipes.

Everything from the famous creamy pimento cheese sandwiches and egg salad spread sandwiches to the popular Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich.

If you don’t have a ticket to the Masters this year, don’t worry; you can still bring a little bit of Augusta to your home with these Masters Menu Influenced Recipes. Creating your own Masters Tournament Party Food Menu will bring the Masters course ambiance to your party.

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The Masters golf tournament is known for its beautiful pristine course while watching amazing golfers and delicious food served throughout their concession stands.  Augusta National also influences local Augusta restaurant items, and I will share recipes for Green Jacket Salad and the best southern pound cake, Augusta National’s Butter Pound Cake.

Masters Concession Stand History

For over 50 years, Augusta National has offered delicious budget-friendly sandwiches and snacks to patrons attending the Masters. Concessions are a highlight for many golf fans who methodically eat their way through the day, being sure to sample many now-famous recipes.

At the origination of the Masters in the 1930s, Augusta National Golf Club co-Founder Clifford Roberts realized that feeding the masses who attended the Tournament would be a necessary customer service attribute. Most patrons were attending the event on a day trip since there was then a dearth of hotel rooms in Augusta and they often hailed from cities within, at most, a four-hour drive of Augusta.

Providing a simple menu of sandwiches, snacks and drinks allowed for the low prices and also provided a means to prepare the food in resident Augustans’ kitchens in the early days and on to today’s off-property, mass-production of the iconic sandwiches, sheathed in green plastic wrapping with a grocery store-like listing of ingredients.

Augusta National
masters concession stand with patrons going in

During my high school years, I spent spring break on the course. I only needed some pocket change to enjoy eating all I wanted throughout the day.

Initially, the National would set up large white tents throughout the course for concessions. You entered through one of the double lines at one end, picking up the items you wanted from large carts. Then, at the end of the line, you set down your goods, and the cashier rang up your small total.

If you attend the Masters now, the tents are gone, replacing them with many green buildings that blend into the landscape.

Golf Players Enjoy The Concession Stand Food 

You might be surprised to learn that the tournament players also enjoy the snacks and sandwiches served in the concession stands. Here is what Augusta National has to say. 

Concession food is “not just enjoyed by the patrons – Masters participants also invoke the tradition. For at least a decade, two-time champion Tom Watson left an egg salad sandwich on the bench adjacent to the tee at No. 13 for his late caddie Bruce Edwards, who died of ALS in 2004. Edwards favored the sandwich as he and Watson were waiting for the group ahead to go for the par-5 green in two shots. Watson left the green-wrapped sandwich for a final time in 2016 when he played his final Masters.

“That’s part of the tradition, my Masters tradition,” Watson said.”

The Masters Tournament Website
Dustin johnson walking on the Masters golf course 2021

“My favorite thing about the Masters is the sandwiches. … all of them.” Dustin Johnson prior to the November 2020 Masters win.

Dustin Johnson
open cookbook showing 2 pages with recipes of masters egg salad and masters poundcake. iphone with cover of cookbook on it.

Why These Recipes Are Authentic

Many copycat recipes on the internet add all kinds of ingredients that Augusta National Golf Club does not have in their recipes. The Masters pimento cheese does not have sour cream, nor does the egg salad have celery or chopped dill pickles in it. The concession stands, sandwiches, and snacks are all made with simple, high-quality ingredients.

How do I know? I live in Augusta, Georgia, and have attended the Masters since high school. I now have 15 grandkids, which might give you a perspective on how long I have been going.

Each year, I bring home a bag of concession stand items to give to family members who did not go and enjoy as a late-night snack while watching the highlights on TV. I saved the bags for reference and am checking to see if they have changed their recipe. However, if Augusta National has something extraordinary, they leave it alone. It’s all about tradition.

Masters Concession Stand Snack Recipe

How To Make The Famous Masters Southern Cheese Straws
Learn the secret to making the classic Augusta Masters Southern Cheese Straws. A delicious, crisp, cheesy copycat recipe you can make at home. They are a delightful treat that will impress your guests and leave them craving more. 
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Georgia State play with Masters cheese straws filled in it sitting on top of a masters Spectators bad

Famous Masters Sandwiches

Famous Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwich Recipe
Looking to recreate the iconic pimento cheese sandwiches from the Masters golf tournament concession stands? My Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwich Recipe is a classic copycat recipe from the famous Augusta National concession stands. I meticuasly share with you each ingredent needed to create the most authentic pimento cheese sandwich, the only thing better is having one at the Masters. Masters patrons know that going to the tournament is not just about golf. It’s also about the food, especially the famous pimento cheese at the Masters concession stands.
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Masters pimento cheese sandwich, on a green plastic wrapper, masters hat and masters map
The Iconic Masters Egg Salad Sandwich Copycat Recipe
 I'm going to teach you the secrets to making the Masters Tournament's famous egg salad sandwich.   I have tips and personal insights to help you make an authentic version of this famous creamy southern egg salad. Here is the tricky part: This creamy egg salad recipe has been carefully kept a secret. However, I have meticulously created this copycat recipe using the ingredients listed on a sandwich bag I brought home from the Masters tournament many years ago.
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Masters egg salad in a bowl and a sandwich on White Bread golf tees Masters ball and Masters towel near them
Masters Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe
Even if you can not make it to the tournament, you can have a taste of the Masters when you make this copycat Masters Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe. Augusta National serves a classic chicken salad and then elevates it by serving it on a sweet butter brioche bun.
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master chicken salad sandwich on a picnic table with a master hat and masters golf shirt

Augusta Soups & Salads

Famous Green Jacket Salad Original Recipe
The famous Green Jacket Salad Original Recipe is sure to be a hole-in-one at your next party! It takes under 10 minutes to make this amazing salad that was served at the iconic Green Jacket Restaurant in Augusta, GA. This iconic salad has a tangy vinaigrette made with fresh and dried herbs, sliced green onions tossed with crisp greens, and tomatoes. Add crunchy pita chips and top with freshly ground parmesan. 
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green jacket salad on a plate with masters program book next to it
Bobby Jones’ Calamity Jane Beer Chili Recipe
A southern classic beer chili recipe made with beer in honor of the master of golf himself, Bobby Jones. In Southern tradition, this chili has a unique twist. It's made with grass-fed ground beef, tomatoes, classic chili seasonings, white corn, black-eyed peas, and Calamity Jane beer from PGA Georgia Selection.
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Bobby Jones Calamity Jane beer chili in a bowl with black eyed peas white corn pinto beans hamburger topped with shredded cheese

Masters Influenced Cocktails and Drinks

The Pink Masters Azalea Cocktail
The famous Masters Azalea Cocktail recipe combines fruity sweetness with vodka to create a delicious, beautiful pink azalea-colored drink. It’s a favorite spring cocktail that is served all over Augusta during Masters Tournament week
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masters azalea cocktail with cherry and orange wedge sitting next to a masters hat and tickets
Famous Thirst Quenching Transfusion Drink Recipe
A refreshing Transfusion Golf Drink made with Concord grape juice, vodka, fresh lime juice, and ginger ale. It's the perfect way to cool down after a long round of golf or to sip on while you watch your favorite golfer play.
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transfusion drink in glas with masters golf ball and towel next to it.
Secret Masters Stand 12 Drink Recipe
Stand 12 is a light thirst-quenching layered drink served in a clear Masters cup created by one of the concession stand workers. The spiked version is perfect to serve on a Masters cocktail menu.
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stand 12 drink in a masters cup with ticket and map of the Augusta National golf course.
Thirst Quenching Homemade Arnold Palmer Iced Tea Drink
Learn how to make your own famous Arnold Palmer Iced Tea drink at home. It's a refreshing beverage made with a ratio of equal parts lemonade and iced tea. Read all the tips and how-tos so you can make this thirst-quenching drink. The Arnold Palmer Iced Tea can be served as a mocktail drink or used as a base for a cocktail by adding a few more ingredients.
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arnold palmer tea in a glass with mint and lemon, masters golf ball next to it

Masters Beer Menu

Would you believe you can buy a great beer at a world-famous sporting event for $5.

One of my favorite beers that are sold in the concession stands is a craft beer, the Augusta Crow’s Nest. Served exclusively in a green Masters cup, this wheat ale is brewed locally and named for the apartment above the clubhouse, where amateur participants stay during the Masters.

Crows Nest beer has a flavor profile similar to Blue Moon with a hint of orange.

masters pimento cheese sandwich on white bread with a beer next to it

Domestic and Imported beers are served in clear Masters souvenir cups.

  • Domestic — Coors Banquet beer
  • Domestic Light — Miller Lite
  • Import Beer — Stella Artois
masters golf course grass with pimento cheese sandwich on a green wrapper between two beers

Masters Influanced Dessert Recipes

No secret recipe here! The Augusta National shared in our local junior leagues cookbook their recipe for the best southern pound cake you will ever make. (Ok, I might be a bit pound-cake prejudiced)

Augusta National shared their recipe in my beloved, stain-ridden pages of the Augusta Junior League cookbook, “Tea-Time at the Masters.”. Growing up in Augusta, this was the first cookbook I owned, and it still holds to be one of my favorites in my collection.

Augusta National Pound Cake Recipe
No secret recipe here! The Augusta National shared in our local junior leagues cookbook their recipe for the best southern pound cake you will ever make. (Ok, I might be a bit pound-cake prejudiced)
Augusta National shared their recipe in my beloved, stain-ridden pages of the Augusta Junior League cookbook, “Tea-Time at the Masters.”. Growing up in Augusta, this was the first cookbook I owned, and it still holds to be one of my favorites in my collection.
The Augusta National Sour Cream Pound Cake is the perfect buttery southern classic dessert. Easy to make and is a great gift idea too.
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famous pound cake with mint and blueberries on plates, masters towel and masters spectator guide

I highly suggest you grab your own copy of Par 3 Tea-Time At The Masters. There are so many great recipes that highlight Augusta. It’s out of print now, however I’m sharing a link to buy it used, it’s worth it.

The Masters Peach Ice Cream Sandwich
This famous copycat recipe for the Masters Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich is a delicious southern dessert sandwich served only during the Masters Golf Tournament. This recipe creates a delicious ice cream sandwich with peach ice cream, sandwiched between two soft chewy sugar cookies. Learn my kitchen tested secrets so you can make your own famous Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich.
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georgia peach ice cream sandwich with a masters cup of tea, and badge
golf party planner pages and pages from a printable golf themed banner

Host A Taste Of The Masters Viewing Party

It’s easy to host an iconic Masters Golf Viewing Party!  You have the Masters party food menu now. When you visit my Masters Golf Viewing Party post,

I share fun golf-themed decoration ideas with you. I even tell you where to get your green jacket for your party outfit. 

watercolor art recipe cards for Masters pimento cheese and Augusta National pound cake that can be printed and framed.

Interesting Facts About Masters Tournament Food

Why is Masters food so cheap?

The Masters concessions are served in simple bulk style to keep prices so low as a service to their patrons, the average joe like you and I. For a mere $1.50, you can enjoy the famous pimento cheese sandwich.

In my interview with Yahoo, I share with you my expertise on the $1.50 pimento cheese sandwich. When golf patrons visit the Masters tournament for the first time, they can not believe how inexpensive concession stand food is. Most sporting events jack up food prices to an unbelievably high price because they know they have a captive buyer.

Why are Masters sandwiches served in a green bag?

The Masters serve their sandwiches in green biodegradable bags that highlight the victory of winning the Green Jacket. As a side note, I bring home sandwiches for family members that can’t go. I tuck the bags away in a box so I can reference them for copycat recipes at a later time. However, I need to read them within a year because by hear two they are breaking down into little pieces and by the thrid year they fall completely apart when I pull them out of the box.

What is the famous drink at the Masters?

The most famous drink at the Masters is the Azalea Chocktail. However, this cocktail is not served in the consession stands at the Masters. It is only served in the club house.

The Azalea cocktail is named after our city’s beloved pink Azalias that bloom during Masters week. This cocktail plays off of the pink color of the flowers and has the flavors of freshly squeezed lemonade and grenadine served with vodka. It’s super elegant to shake it with ice and serve in a chilled martini glass or pour over ice in a highball.

Overall, the food at the Masters is known for its simple yet delicious offerings and is a highlight for patrons every year!

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