If you do not have a ticket to the Masters this year, you will want to bring a little Masters to your home with these Masters Menu Influenced Recipes for 2023.

The Masters golf tournament is known for its beautiful pristine course, amazing golf, and delicious food served, particularly the famous concession stand items and the annual Champions Dinner. Augusta National also influences local Augusta restaurant items and cookbooks.

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egg salad sandwich, pimento cheese sandwich and a masters concessions menu board

Masters Recipes

For over 50 years, Augusta National has offered delicious budget-friendly sandwiches and snacks to visiting golf patrons. Concessions are a highlight when attending the Master that many golf fans methodically eat their way through the day, being sure to sample many now-famous recipes.

masters concession stand with patrons going in

Some of the popular food options at the concession stands include:

  • The famous “Masters” pimento cheese sandwich
  • Egg salad sandwich
  • Barbecue sandwich
  • Grilled chicken wrap
  • Chicken salad on brioche
  • Georgia peach ice cream sandwich
  • Sweet tea and lemonade (known as the “Arnold Palmer”)

Masters Copycat Recipes You Can Make At Home

If you are not able to attend the Masters this year, then make your own taste of the Masters with these authentic Masters copycat recipes.

Why These Recipes Are Authentic

Many copycat recipes on the internet add all kinds of ingredients that Augusta National Golf Club does not have in their recipes. The Masters pimento cheese does not have sour cream, nor does the egg salad have celery or chopped dill pickles in it. The concession stands, sandwiches, and snacks are all made with simple, high-quality ingredients.

How do I know? I live in Augusta, Georgia, and have attended the Masters since high school. I now have 15 grandkids, which might give you a perspective on how long I have been going.

Each year I bring home a bag of concession stand items to give to family members that did not go and enjoy as a late-night snack watching the highlights on TV. I save the bags for reference, checking to see if they have changed their recipe. However, if Augusta National has something extraordinary, they leave it alone. It’s all about tradition.

The Famous Masters Pimento Cheese Recipe
Masters pimento cheese sandwich, on a green plastic wrapper, masters hat and masters map
The famous Masters Pimento Cheese Recipe is s traditional southern sandwich spread that has been served at the Augusta National golf tournament concession stands for over 50 years.
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Masters Egg Salad Recipe
masters egg salad sandwich on an augusta national bag outside
This Famous Masters Egg Salad Sandwich recipe is a popular menu item served at Augusta National's concession stands during the Masters Tournament.
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Masters Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe
Masters chicken salad sandwich sitting on the table.
Even if you can not make it to the tournament, you can have a taste of the Masters when you make this copycat Masters Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe. Augusta National serves a classic chicken salad and then elevates it by serving it on a sweet butter brioche bun.
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Masters Copycat: Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich
A personal blog, written by Meg Taylor, about newlywed life in Charleston, with recipes favorites, wedding planning tips, and plenty of DIY fun.
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Masters Champions Dinner Recipes

On Tuesday of Masters week, the Champions Dinner is hosted by the previous year’s winner. The hosting champion golfer selects the menu. Many menus reflect the golfer’s national heritage or where they live in the United States. Some notable past menus include:

  • Hideki Matsuyama’s 2022 Sushi, sashimi and nigiri, yakitori chicken skewers, miso-glazed black cod, Miyazaki wagyu, sansho daikon ponzu, Japanese strawberry shortcake.
  • Tiger Woods’ 2020 menu featured steak and chicken fajitas, grilled vegetables, and a side of Mexican rice and black beans.
  • Sergio Garcia’s 2018 menu included a Spanish-themed spread, featuring arroz caldoso (a type of paella), an ensalada de naranjas (orange salad), and tres leches cake.

Create Your Own Champions Dinner

Why not host your own Champions Dinner as part of a Masters Watch Party? I have gathered a few recipes that will get you started on creating a fun menu to serve.

  • Jordan Spieth’s 2016 menu featured Texas-style barbecue, including smoked brisket, ribs, and sausage, as well as baked beans and jalapeño cornbread.
Super Tender Texas Style Ribs
These easy to make bbq pork ribs always turn out perfect and literally fall off the bone every time. What makes these ribs, so good is the low heat and slow cooking process combined with my maple spice mix as a rub. This easy recipe gives you tender meat every time.
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Super Tender Pork Ribs; Dry Rub Recipe In The Oven
Sweet and Spicy Pickled Jalapenos
Spice up your cornbread with these sweet and spicy pickled jalapens. They are the perfet additon to a Texas BBQ!
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cowboy candy pickled jalapenos in a canning jar
  • Dustin Johnson’s 2021 menu featured lobster & corn fritters, caesar salad, filet mignon, mashed potatoes, spring vegetables, and Peach Cobbler.
Dustin johnson walking on the Masters golf course 2021
Lobster and Corn Fritters
These lobster corn fritters with fresh corn are so light, crispy, and delicious.  This recipe is a recreation of the corn fritters from Dustin Johnston’s 2021 menu at the Masters Champions Dinner.  Serve up southern corn fritters as a party appetizer, first course for a meal, or even as the entree for dinner.
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Lobster corn critters on a plate and spicy aioli sauce in a small bowl with lemon zest and chopped green onion.
Homemade Caesar Salad Dressing
This recipe is inspired by Dustin Johnston's Master's Champion dinner menu at Augusta National. If you want to create Dustin's 2021 champions dinner menu in your home, you will want to get Champion Dinner Menu 2021 (coming soon) You will get recipes to make your own dinner and tips for hosting your own Masters champion dinner in your home.
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caesar salad dressing recipe, in a cup with cracked pepper and cheese on top
Spring Asparagus
This slow cooker recipe teaches you how to cook spring asparagus that does not get soggy. It's a great make ahead side dish for Easter.
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cooked asparagus with lemo wedges
Easy Southern Peach Cobbler
This recipe was inspired by Dustin Johnson's Champions Dinner. This homemade peach cobbler recipe with premade pie crust is a simple solution for an easy summer dessert. Using store-bought dough means you only need 15 minutes to assemble this tasty dessert. I love it in the summer with fresh peaches, but it's perfect any time of the year.
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Peach cobbler with premade pie crust in an oval baking dish.
  • Danny Willett, 2017: Mini Cottage Pies; Sunday Roast of Prime Rib, Roasted Potatoes & Vegetables, Yorkshire Puddings, Gravy; Dessert of Apple Crumble & Vanilla Custard 
Mini Cottage Pies
Cottage pie is a meat pie mixture of chopped vegetables, ground lamb, or ground beef in a rich gravy topped with mashed potatoes. It is baked in a deep pie dish and then topped with cheese when serving.
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No Bake Shepherd's in small cast iron pan

Masters Beer Menu

Would you believe you can buy a great beer at a world-famous sporting event for $5.

One of my favorite beers that are sold in the concession stands is a craft beer, the Augusta Crow’s Nest. Served exclusively in a green Masters cup, this wheat ale is brewed locally and named for the apartment above the clubhouse, where amateur participants stay during the Masters.

Crows Nest beer has a flavor profile similar to Blue Moon with a hint of orange.

masters pimento cheese sandwich on white bread with a beer next to it

Domestic and Imported beers are served in clear Masters souvenir cups.

  • Domestic — Coors Banquet beer
  • Domestic Light — Miller Lite
  • Import Beer — Stella Artois
masters golf course grass with pimento cheese sandwich on a green wrapper between two beers

Augusta Recipes Influenced By Masters Golf Food

Locals appreciate and are very proud to say they live in the same city as the most beautiful golf course on the PGA tour. This pride is reflected by incorporating everyday recipes into the Augusta, GA, dinner tables and potlucks.


Through the years, local restaurants have come and gone with Masters-themed decor and menu items. Even though the restaurants have closed, the recipes they made famous are part of the local’s dinner menus still.

Green Jacket Salad
The famous Green Jacket Salad Recipe is sure to be a hole-in-one at your next party! A tangy vinaigrette made with fresh and dried herbs, sliced green onions tossed with crisp greens, and tomatoes. Add crunchy pita chips and top with freshly ground parmesan cheese. You will have a salad that is sure to become a family favorite.
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green jacket salad on a plate with masters program book next to it

Augusta National Famous Pound Cake

No secret recipe here! The Augusta National shared in our local junior leagues cookbook their recipe for the best southern pound cake you will ever make. (Ok, I might be a bit pound-cake prejudiced)

Augusta National shared their recipe in my beloved, stain-ridden pages of the Augusta Junior League cookbook, “Tea-Time at the Masters.”. Growing up in Augusta, this was the first cookbook I owned, and it still holds to be one of my favorites in my collection.

Augusta National Pound Cake Recipe
The Augusta National Sour Cream Pound Cake is the perfect buttery southern classic dessert. Easy to make and is a great gift idea too.
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famous pound cake with mint and blueberries on plates, masters towel and masters spectator guide

Masters Influenced Cocktails and Drinks

Secret Masters Stand 12 Drink Recipe
stand 12 drink in a masters cup with ticket and map of the Augusta National golf course.
Stand 12 is a light thirst-quenching layered drink served in a clear Masters cup created by one of the concession stand workers.
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Augusta Azalea Cocktail
Augusta Azalea Cocktail in a glass with golf book near
The famous Augusta Azalea Cocktail combines fruity sweetness with vodka to create a delicious, beautiful pink azalea-colored drink. It's a favorite spring cocktail that is served all over Augusta during the week of Masters.
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Golf Transfusion Cocktail
transfusion drink in glas with masters golf ball and towel next to it.
This refreshing Transfusion Drink is the perfect way to cool down after a round of golf or to sip while you watch your favorite golfer play in The Masters Tournament!  The Transfusion Cocktail is a vodka-based drink easy to make with only four refreshing ingredients.
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Arnold Palmer Drink
arnold palmer tea in a glass with mint and lemon, masters golf ball next to it
After a long day on the course, you need a real thirst quencher, such as this Arnold Palmer drink! This drink is a classic thirst quenching marriage between two summertime favorites, tea, and lemonade. This tea can be enjoyed just as is or add some spirits to make it an adult beverage.
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Masters Influanced Snacks

Masters Pimento Cheese Crackers
This easy-to-make Pimento Cheese Crackers recipe is made with the famous Masters Pimento Cheese copycat recipe or your favorite spread. The homemade crackers are perfect for serving as an appetizer or enjoying as a savory snack.
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pimento cheese crackers in a glass snap lid jar near a bowl of cheese.

Best Augusta and Masters Cookbooks

Want to skip printing all the Masters recipes abover? Get a copy of the Famous Augusta Golf Copycat Recipes in printable PDF or Kindle version. Learn the recipe’s history, tips for making the recipe, and print beautiful golf-themed recipe cards. Your friends and family will love these!

Augusta Golf Copycat Recipes cover and sample pages

Masters Party Menu

Now that you have all the famous recipes that revolved around Augusta and the Masters, why not host a Masters Viewing Party?

I have gathered everything you need to host a great golf-themed party or Masters Viewing Party.

  • Masters party menu
  • Masters-themed party decorations
  • TV viewing party ideas
  • What to wear to the Masters or a Masters party
masters golf course images, and concession stand food, Front gate sign by Washington Road

Be sure and get this Golf Party Pack for your next gathering with golf friends. Everything you need to decorate a golf-themed party at the touch of a button.

Golf party pack printable on an ipad screen and sample pages by it

Interesting Facts About Masters Tournament Food

Why is Masters food so cheap?

The Masters concessions are served in simple bulk style to keep prices so low as a service to their patrons, the average joe like you and I. For a mere $1.50, you can enjoy the famous pimento cheese sandwich.

In my interview with Yahoo, I share with you my expertise on the $1.50 pimento cheese sandwich. When golf patrons visit the Masters tournament for the first time, they can not believe how inexpensive concession stand food is. Most sporting events jack up food prices to an unbelievably high price because they know they have a captive buyer.

Why are Masters sandwiches served in a green bag?

The Masters serve their sandwiches in green biodegradable bags that highlight the victory of winning the Green Jacket. As a side note, I bring home sandwiches for family members that can’t go. I tuck the bags away in a box so I can reference them for copycat recipes at a later time. However, I need to read them within a year because by hear two they are breaking down into little pieces and by the thrid year they fall completely apart when I pull them out of the box.

What is the famous drink at the Masters?

The most famous drink at the Masters is the Azalea Chocktail. However, this cocktail is not served in the consession stands at the Masters. It is only served in the club house.

The Azalea cocktail is named after our city’s beloved pink Azalias that bloom during Masters week. This cocktail plays off of the pink color of the flowers and has the flavors of freshly squeezed lemonade and grenadine served with vodka. It’s super elegant to shake it with ice and serve in a chilled martini glass or pour over ice in a highball.

Overall, the food at the Masters is known for its simple yet delicious offerings and is a highlight for patrons every year!

Augusta Golf Copycat Recipes cover and sample pages