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Looking for easy Golf Party Printable Decorations and Games? Here you will find out how to easily throw a golf-themed party using this simple Golf Party Pack, along with some fun tips and recipe ideas.

graphic golf ball and club next to a picture of a printable golf party pack for decor and games

Golf decorations printable

I have everything you need to easily print and make your own custom golf party decorations and games. This great party pack is so simple to download and print you can have your party-ready in no time!

Golf party pack printable on an ipad screen and sample pages by it
  • Wrap your own golf-themed label around water bottles or drinks.
  • Top cupcakes or sandwiches with these cute cupcake toppers.
  • A great way to organize a food bar is with tent buffet labels.
  • Treat your cigar-smoking guest with a custom-wrapped golf-themed cigar.
Golf party supplies that are printable water bottle labels cupcake Toppers cigar bands Buffet labels
  • Get the conversations started as soon as your guest walk in the door. Have them guess how many tees game set up near the drink station. They can start to mingle and try to figure out how many tees are in your jar. Be sure and have some fun prizes for the winner, maybe a free round of golf?
  • Use the large golf ball decoration on walls, tables, or hanging decorations.
  • Make banners to hang with a variety of pendant flags.
  • Wrap up your guest silverware and napkins with this golf-themed napkin wrap.
Golf party supplies guess the teeth game golf ball decorations pennant banner and paper napkin bands
  • Give your guest a sweet treat by wrapping up their favorite candy bar with your golf party theme.
  • Use these bag toppers for food treats, a gift bag of tees, or golf balls.
  • Print the “GOLF” letters banner to hang as a banner or fun wall decorations
  • Have a fun contest with a name the golfer game.
Golf themed candy bar wrappers treat bag Toppers golf letter sign and name of golfer game cover
Golf party pack printable on an ipad screen and sample pages by it

Image of a Callaway Titleist sign with sample written over it

Golf party games

Guess The Tees

Get your Guess The Tees sign-up and jar sign printable golf party pack. This is a good icebreaker for when guests start to arrive. Have a jar full of golf tees displayed and let guests try and guess how many are in the jar for a fun door prize. Make sure you count them as you’re filling up the jar. The guest closest to the correct amount wins or even a prize for the worst guess. The label and signup sheet is in the Printable Golf Party Pack.

A jar of golf tees filled with a sign on it that says how many teeth and a picture of a sign up sheet to guess

Guess The Golfer Party Game

Name The Golfer Game is a great way to find out who really knows the game’s pros. Hand out the printable sheet with the golfer’s pictures on it. Have your guest number a page 1-16. Next to each number, they must identify and write the golfer’s name. The person that gets the most correct answers wins. Have more than one prize in case there are ties. For fun, you could also give a special prize for who knew the least amount of golfers. Get the game sheet in the Printable Golf Party Pack.


Fore! Cards On-Course Golf Game

Fore! Cards is an on-course game you can bring to your next round to spice things up. Cards are picked on each hole and determine how the hole will be played. Fore Cards incorporates a variety of popular golf formats with non-golf elements such as kicking and throwing the ball. It’s the most fun you can have on a golf course!

Play Nine – The Card Game of Golf!

The object is to shoot the lowest score. After nine holes, the lowest score wins. Card values range from -5 (hole-in-one) to 12 (out of bounds). Golfers and non-golfers alike enjoy Play Nine. 

Beer Pong Golf Putting Game

Looking for great entertainment for work, social, or family events to get everyone involved? We have the perfect indoor or outdoor putting game set to get your competitive instincts going. PUTT PARTEE is the ultimate family game for all ages and does not require any golfing ability. The same as mini-golf but in your living room!

Food ideas for a golf party theme

Give your party guest an extra special treat by providing snacks that are served at the Augusta National! If you have ever been to the tournament, you know what great food they have.

Here are 7 Famous MASTERS Golf Tournament Recipes You Must Try Next time you are looking for a party idea, why not throw a golf party with a theme around the famous Master’s golf tournament. Grab your yellow and green decorations, spread around some cute golf equipment, and then whip up some of these famous Masters food recipes.

Mix up a batch of the famous Masters Pimento Cheese Recipe. It is a traditional southern sandwich spread that has been served at the Augusta National golf tournament concession stands for over 50 years. Be sure to keep with the tradition and serve it on white sandwich bread.

pimento cheese sandwich from the masters, masters hat, course map and water bottle next to it

The famous Green Jacket Salad Recipe is sure to be a hole-in-one at your next party! A tangy vinaigrette made with fresh and dried herbs, sliced green onions tossed with crisp greens, and tomatoes. 

Green jacket salad on a plate with masters course guide on table

Use the Masters Pimento Cheese spread recipe to make Pimento Cheese Crackers. This recipe is easy to make with only 4 simple ingredients. These homemade crackers are perfect to serve as an appetizer or enjoy as a savory snack.

Pimento cheese cracker in a jars

Spicy Pimento Cheese Recipe: A southern classic is Pawleys Island Palmetto Cheese with Jalapenos. To create this copycat recipe, make a batch of this Masters Pimento Cheese. Then dice some of my Cowboy Canday: aka Pickled Jalapenos. and add them to the pimento cheese spread. These sweet and spicy chopped jalapenos are delicious mixed into this spread. Eat it on crackers, make sandwiches, dip it with veggie sticks, or top a grilled burger with it. It’s a spicy southern classic you will want to make again and again! 

tray with cracker and celery sticks around a big bowl of spicy pimento cheese and a knife

Next, is the Masters Egg Salad recipe. Many recipes that try to copy the Masters’ egg salad add all kinds of ingredients like, vinegar, mustard, celery, or seasonings but that is not how  Augusta National does things. Everything is done simple and perfect just like the egg salad they serve to their patrons.

girl holding masters egg salad sandwich with a masters golf shirt on

Dessert on the course is always the famous Masters Peach Ice Cream Sandwich. It is a delicious southern dessert filled with sweet, creamy peach ice cream sandwiched between two buttery sugar cookies.

georgia peach ice cream sandwich with a masters cup of tea, and badge

As traditional as Augusta National is to golf, this simple sweet pound cake to southerners. So it’s safe to say, Augusta National Sour Cream Pound Cake is the pinnacle of southern pound cake recipes, with smooth sour cream and sweet buttery flavor.

Augusta National Pound Cake with a glass of milk in a masers cup

Golf Themed Drinks

The famous Augusta Azalea Cocktail combines fruity sweetness with vodka to create a delicious, beautiful pink azalea-colored drink. You will also want to make a Transfusion cocktail, a golfing favorite.

For drinks, be sure and serve your guest an Arnold Palmer drink. This drink is a classic thirst quenching marriage between two summertime favorites, tea, and lemonade.

Secret Masters Stand 12 Drink Recipe
stand 12 drink in a masters cup with ticket and map of the Augusta National golf course.
Stand 12 is a light thirst-quenching layered drink served in a clear Masters cup created by one of the concession stand workers. The spiked version is perfect to serve on a Masters cocktail menu.
Get Recipe

Masters golf party ideas

Throwing a Masters themed party with your golf enthusiast friends will be easy with these Masters Party Ideas. Learn simple decorating tips, ideas for what to wear, and recipes to help you serve traditional foods from the Masters.

masters golf course

What to wear to a golf party

To look really sporty order your own green jacket. What better way than to show up with style in green.

Men’s National Masters Tournament Jacket Green Blazer Coat


Amuse your friends and show up in a caddy coveralls outfit.


If casual is your vibe then try one of these great golf t-shirts.

Golf Sport Dangle Earrings

Get Masters party planner

Make hosting a golf-themed party easy with this Masters Party Planner.

masters party planner on an ipad with sample pages by it


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