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It’s going to be a great holiday season when you throw a party for your friends using one of these fun adult Christmas party ideas and games for 2023!

Deciding on one of these Christmas party themes is a fun and easy way to host a holiday party. There are simple ones for an impromptu get-together or some more formal themes that require a little bit of planning. No matter which theme you choose, your friends are going to have a great time!

people enjoying a variety of Christmas parties.

Tips For An Easy Christmas Season

Before you start planning a Christmas party, think about how much time and energy you have to spare. Here are steps to simplify Christmas and say no to unwanted obligations, guilt, and exhaustion so you can put the joy back into your Christmas holiday. This Christmas, don’t do activities just because you feel obligated. Relax and do what is fun and points to the true meaning of Christmas, love.

Christmas Party Snacks

After you pick your Christmas party theme, you will want to find some easy-to-make Christmas snacks, such as Easy Christmas Cookies with Four Ingredients or Little Debbie Christmas Tree Dip. Everyone loves Christmas Muddybuddy Chex (aka Raindeer Chow), or how about some buttery Swiss Cookie Recipes? For a festive dessert, try these Christmas Tree Pupkin Hand Pies or Christmas Pudding Protein Balls.

On a budget this Christmas season? Makes some of these Budget Friendly Party Finger Foods or Party Meatball REcipes.

Let’s get lit

Let's Get Lit Party with people decorating tree

Let’s get the holiday cheer going! A great idea for hosting small groups is to have a holiday happy hour. Serve cocktails and appetizers, and enjoy spending time together. Then have everyone help decorate the tree, stringing lights and putting on the decorations. Don’t forget festive Christmas-themed music to get everyone in the spirit. Once your tree is decorated, then it might be fun to have easy Christmas cookies, Christmas Pudding Balls, Bourbon Brown Butter Cookies, or another festive dessert.

Grinchy Brunch

Host A Grinch Brunch This Christmas with a green grinch picture

This could be a lot of fun hosting a Grinch Stole Christmas brunch. An easy way to decorate would be to order some Grinch party decorations. As for what to eat, remember what the Grinch said, ” And they’ll feast, feast, feast, feast. They’ll eat their Who-Pudding and rare Who-Roast Beast.” You could also go with a theme of green food for your party! Try Green Punch Juice, Green Marinated Olives, Green Tomato Salsa, Green Jacket Salad, Keto Collard Greens, asparagus, green beans, broccoli, Matcha Energy Balls, and green cake and Pistachio Cookies.

Grinch decorations

Christmas pajamas party

two ladies in christmas pjs for a Christmas pajama party

If you are looking for a fun and relaxing way to spend time with your friends this Christmas, then host a Christmas pajama party. Invite your friends to come in their Christmas pj’s and spend time enjoying each other’s company, eating good food, and staying up late watching a movie. Give out prizes for the most festive, funniest, and the scroogiest pair of pajamas. Give prizes like warm fuzzy socks or slippers.

Winter wonderland party

winter wonderland party idea with trees and snow everywhere

If you are like me and live in an area that does not get snow during the Christmas season, then this might be a great party idea for you. Create a frosty-looking table with a white tablecloth, dishes, napkins, and candles. Then decorate it with snowflakes and white Christmas balls.

Have your guest all dress in white with a theme of sweaters or other warm clothes. To top it all off have White Christmas music or the movie playing in the background

To make it extra fun, serve an all-white meal or something that is noted for cold weather.

Be sure to award prizes for the funniest costume, most original, and worst costume.

Nativity Party

Nativity scene

Set your table with a simple linen cloth and set up one or several nativity scenes on your table. Decorate with swaddling cloth and straw. Serve foods in baskets or pottery-type dishes. Here are some common foods you could serve. What Did Jesus Eat?

  • Bread dipped in olive oil
  • Fish
  • Bean Stew
  • Dates
  • Figs
  • Wine

Finish your meal with the reading of the scriptures. Here are 28 nativity verses about Jesus.

Christmas Costume Party

People wearing christmas costumes for a party

A fun party for large groups would be to host a Christmas costume party. Have your guests dress up in costumes about their favorite Christmas characters. No Santa allowed, have them get creative. Serve eggnog and cookies and then have a contest for the person who can best imitate who they dressed up like. Then award prizes for best costume, most creative, funniest, and so on.







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Christmas Tree

Birthday party for Jesus

birthday cake for jesus' birthday

This would be a fun and relaxing party during the holiday season. Decorate just like you would if it was a friend’s birthday. It’s all about the celebration of Jesus coming to this world to be a savior. For a meal, why not serve Israeli street food? Start with one of these 50 Unique Hummus Recipes for appetizers. For the main meal, serve foods like burika, shakshuka, khachapuri, falafels, Shawarma, or Sabich. Check out Best Street Food In Israel for more ideas. Be sure to serve birthday cake and ice cream for dessert!

Good tidings of comfort party

people sitting around table at a Good Tidings Of Comfort Party

Sometimes the holidays can get so busy that you forget to focus on the real meaning, Christ’s birth. An easy way to slow down and be with friends is to host a potluck. Have a signup sheet for appetizers, salad, soup, drinks, and desserts. Ask your friends to sign up for one, and then you provide the main course. Choose a fun Christmas game to play after your meal or just sit and enjoy talking together.

cookie mix gift in a jar

A cookie jar party is a great way to make a sweet Christmas treat to give as a gift or enjoy yourself during the busy holidays. For complete instructions and free gift tags visit my post, Cookie Mix Gift.

After you decide how many people will be making the cookies in a jar, figure out how many each person wants to make. Get a copy of my basic Cookie In A Jar recipe. Each recipe makes one jar of cookie mix. The group can divide purchasing supplies or have one person buy everything, and everyone split the cost.

When your guests arrive, set up an assembly line and start making cookie jar gifts. Don’t forget to print my gift tags and tie them to the jars.

Christmas Karaoke

christmas karaoke party people singing

Grab a karaoke machine and all your favorite playlist of Christmas carols. Start the evening with a few fun Christmas song trivia games while you serve snacks and drinks. Then once everyone is relaxed, have everyone write their name on a piece of paper and throw it in the Santa hat. Start drawing names and have everyone take a turn. For fun, hand out some jingle bells to play along with the singing. Be sure to award prizes for the best singer, worst singer, funniest, and so forth.

Christmas Movie Marathon

  people watching a christmas marathon for christmas

There are so many special Christmas movies that we enjoy watching every holiday season. Why not host a movie marathon? Have everyone come in comfy clothes or PJs. Order pizza for the first movie, then have desserts for the next movie. Everyone can bring Christmas cookies to share. Then the third movie provides drinks and snacks such as popcorn with green and red M&Ms in it, chips & dip, or try this unique Chex Mix recipe.

Top Classic Christmas Movies

  • Christmas Story
  • Home Alone
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • Elf 
  • The Holiday (2006)
  • Miracle On 34th Street (1947)
  • It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)
  • Christmas In Connecticut (1945)
  • Die Hard (1988)
  • A Christmas Carol
cookies on a plate for.  Christmas Cookie Exchange

Hosting a cookie exchange is a great way to spend time with friends and also get a variety of sweet Christmas treats to enjoy. Choose how many guests you will have. Then ask each guest to bring the number of cookies there are guests. They should be placed on a large tray or Tupperware container. When guests arrive, set out all the cookies on a festive table.

Choose 3 judges before the party starts to award prizes for the most festive cookies, prettiest presentations, or other types of awards.

Next, have cookie boxes to give your guest, and then instruct them to go around and place one of every cookie in their box. It is also a good idea to have guests prepare a few extras. That way, boxes can be made for shut-ins or someone that needs a little holiday cheer.

Wrapping Party

How A Gift Wrapping Party sign and wrapped presents

If you have a small group of friends that just can’t find the time to get all their gifts wrapped, then host a wrapping party. Ask your party guest to bring their own special wrapping paper and then supply tape and scissors. Set up large workstations for everyone. After the wrapping is done, serve a relaxing dinner.

Holiday Craft Party

making a christmas craft santa

This is a good party to kick off the holiday season. Everyone could make a special gift to give away or keep for themselves. You could supply all the materials and have everyone split the cost. Or, assign everyone specific supplies to bring.

Christmas Craft Ideas

  • DIY Citrus Garland
  • Napkin Ring Christmas Lights
  • Layered Garland
  • Retro Bulb Centerpiece
  • Jingle Table Runner

For complete instructions visit, Country Living 78 DIY Christmas Crafts.

Ornament Swap Party

Host An Ornament Swap Party with gold and silver christmas balls

Hosting an ornament swap party is a great way to kick off your holiday decorating. If you have a small group, then organize it like a cookie exchange. If 10 people will be at the party, then everyone brings 10 ornaments, and you all swap. If you have a larger group, then have everyone bring a wrapped ornament. It can be a beautiful ornament or a fun, silly one. Then play the game like you would a white elephant game. Serve up some great Party Punch Recipes and snacks.

Wreath making party

christmas wreath being made with scissors on table

If you are looking for a party that has a fun activity, then host a wreath-making party. Purchase inexpensive small wreaths or go all out and have everyone bring a big one to decorate. Make a trip to the craft store and buy some fun supplies.

You could also go to your local thrift store and pick up some Christmas decorations that could be used. Get supplies like ribbons and bows at your local dollar store. Be sure to have plenty of hot glue guns and glue sticks on hand.

White elephant gift exchange

white elephant on presents by christmas tree

Pick a theme for your party and let your guests know. It can be a serious gift such as a book, beauty products, or home decor. Or you can have fun with great gag gifts too. Have your guest place the wrapped gifts in a pile so you don’t know who brought what. Everyone draws a number, and the person with the number one starts the game by choosing a present to unwrap. The person with the number two then has a choice, they can choose a new present, or steal the unwrapped present from the first person. If that happens then the first person chooses another present to unwrap. From there, the game continues—often with lots of villainous stealing and even more laughs. We play an item that can be stolen only 3 times but that rule is up to you.

Elf Party

elf holding a candy cane

Host a party themed around the movie Elf. Decoration could be little elves everywhere and lots of snowballs. Now you might not want to serve Buddy’s Elf-inspired spaghetti dish but be sure and have some of these foods around for your guest to nibble on.

  • Spaghetti
  • strawberry, coconut, chocolate, and raspberry sauce.
  • marshmallows
  • S’mores Pop-Tarts
  • coffee with syrup
  • rainbow sprinkles
  • Red and green M&Ms

Play the movie Elf for everyone to watch and then play the game Elf Trivia questions and answers.

Scrooge party

Scrooge in the dark holding a candle

We all know Scrooge turned out to have his eyes open to the true meaning of having a Christmas spirit but hosting a party on his before life could be a lot of fun using a black and white theme. Incorporate fun black and white patterns for anti-Christmas decorations/ Then serve non-holiday-themed food and drinks like pizza, sliders, or wings. Have the movie A Christmas Carol playing during dessert.

Gingerbread houses competition

lady making gingerbread house in a gingerbread house competition party

When you host a gingerbread house competition, it will be easy if you purchase all the contestants their own gingerbread house in a box. Be sure they are all the same to keep the playing field fair. For snacks, while your guests work on their gingerbread construction, have a hot cocoa bar set up. You could have judges come after the gingerbread houses are made to judge. Or, you could take pictures of each house and put them on Facebook and let friends and family judge. Be sure and award some prizes for the best overall house, most festive, funniest, or best use of materials.

Elegant Christmas Party Theme Ideas

These elegant Christmas party themes for adults will make your guests feel special and they will make party planning easier for you.

party idea pictures of elegant christmas parties

Why host an elegant Christmas party?

We have become a casual society. Taking the time for a hostess to create an elegant party and for guests to take the time to dress up and enjoy the evening is an important reminder. It reminds us all that Christmas is really about a gift of a savior, Christ, that we should celebrate. It’s a holiday to be set apart from the norm.

Virtual Christmas parties

people on zoom virtual christmas party

One thing we learned during covid you don’t have to be close geographically to be together. Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet have made this big world a little smaller.

It would be so much fun to play some remote games. Break your party guests up into remote teams. Pick one party guest to be the spokesperson captain. Good House Keeping has some great ideas for games to play. 11 Fun Games to Play on Zoom

Fun Christmas Games

Adding in some fun Christmas games is always a crowd-pleaser for any holiday party.

couple dressed in christmas clothes cheering for free printable Christmas games

The holiday season is all about spending time with friends and family, and you all will have a blast playing these free printable Christmas party games for adults at all your Christmas get-togethers.

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