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Do you want to know the easiest way to make your next dinner party a hit? Build the entire event by using one of these fun dinner party themes. Discover 70 fun dinner party ideas along with tips for planning the entire evening so it goes off without a hitch.

20 different dinner party themes with a title fun and unique dinner themes on top of it.

I love planning and throwing parties! Whether it’s an intimate gathering with family and close friends or bigger events for church groups or neighborhood friends, I love them all!!

Over the years, I’ve discovered that building the event around a theme makes it easier to put together the entire party. I plan out the food, decorations, and location all with a theme in mind.

Some of my favorite party dinner ideas are built around cuisines I really enjoy and want to share with others such as an Indian or Italian dinner party. While the most popular themed parties I’ve hosted are a Masters Golf party or a Mexican dinner party.

First, let’s start with the basics and get organized, and then discover amazing party ideas you can use for your next gathering to make sure everyone is talking about your event for weeks to come.

What is a Themed Party?

A themed dinner party features food and decorations all related to one theme such as a type of cuisine or nationality, a movie, a game or a particular sport, a season of the year, a time in history, and much more.

Really, the possibilities are endless, and the more creative you can get the better.

Why Have a Themed Dinner Party?

There are lots of reasons to add a theme to your party!

  • People love to dress up in costumes!
  • A great way to make a special occasion unforgettable.
  • Setting up food themes makes it easier to plan!
  • All the food follows the theme!
  • An easy way to add games and activities!
  • Dinner theme ideas ties everything together to make a truly memorable event.
  • Ensures your guests have a great time together.

Types of Themed Dinner Parties

The first thing you need to consider is what type of dinner party you want to host. This may depend on the number of guests you plan to invite or how much space you have in your living room or dining room.

The age of your guest is also important when looking through these dinner party ideas for adults. A few things to consider:

  • Catered: Hiring out the food makes it easier for you to enjoy the event and works great for groups of all sizes but especially for a crowd.
  • Potluck: Have everyone bring food that goes along with the dinner party theme.
  • Plan and cook: Doing it all yourself brings a personal touch to the event and is perfect for smaller budgets and easier for smaller groups.
  • Seated elegant dinner party: Will everyone be able to sit? Space may prohibit everyone from having a seat which may influence the menu. If guests need to eat standing up try to include foods that can easily be eaten with fingers or a fork alone.
  • Appetizers or Meal? A dinner party doesn’t need to be just the traditional three courses, of meat, starch, and vegetable. Serving up a variety of substantial and hearty appetizers can also work for parties around meal times as well.

How to Host

Throwing a themed dinner party takes a little bit of organization at first. However, the good part about having a themed dinner is it narrows down your choices for what to serve and how to decorate.

It also makes it easier to choose activities centered around the food and your theme.

Ultimate Dinner Party Planner – Make Party Planning Easy

Dinner Party Planner – the ultimate solution for busy people who love hosting unforgettable themed dinner parties! Do you struggle with the stress and overwhelm that comes with planning and organizing a dinner party? Our printable planner and party theme ideas will help you create a dining experience that will leave your guests in awe, while freeing up your time and energy to truly enjoy the event.

Image of a computer screen that says the ultimate dinner party planner with six pages of the party planner behind the screen the cover of a dinner party planner on an iPad also
  • Party Overview Planner Page
  • 100+ Dinner Party Theme Ideas with Menu and Decoration Ideas
  • Organizer Guest List
  • Menu Planner
  • Shopping List
  • Decorations Planner Page
  • Entertainment Planner Page
  • Party Timeline
  • Task Tracker
  • Party To-Do Checklist
  • Seating Planner Page
  • Pre-Event Planner Page
  • Plan B Page – Just in case!
  • Blank Notes Pages – Lined and Dotted
  • 2 Pages of Conversation Starter Ideas and Tips
  • 21 Fun Entertainment Ideas

More Than Just the Food!

After you’ve done your brainstorming, settled on a theme, and have your party binder ready, it’s time to start planning.

  1. Map out the menu.
  2. Plan out decorations including a color theme, a fun place setting, and more creative ideas.
  3. Create a music playlist.
  4. Choose some fun party favors to hand out.
  5. Create a signature cocktail for the type of theme you choose.
  6. Design and send the dinner party invitations.

Expert Tips for Planning a Themed Dinner Party

  • Plan out your guest list early. Knowing how many guests are attending will influence many different considerations for the event. Whether it’s seated or standing, a buffet or served dinner, and whether or not there are kids in attendance will all influence the menu you decide to throw.
  • Need some inspiration? Use the list below to get the creative juices flowing!
  • Stay organized. Use my party planner. Print it out and start a party notebook. It’s a fun memory keeper too.
  • Have fun and enjoy making memories with your favorite people!

With a clear layout and comprehensive sections, it provides a step-by-step guide to help you stay organized and on track. From creating guest lists and planning menus to setting up decorations and managing timelines, this Party Planner ensures that no detail is overlooked.

Spend less time worrying about the logistics and more time enjoying the company of your friends and family. Let this Party Planner be your secret weapon for hosting memorable parties effortlessly.

Food Themes For A Dinner Party

Now we get to the fun part! Looking for the perfect theme for your dinner party. Planning an event around a particular cuisine is likely one of the most popular and easiest ideas to use.

Don’t forget to 📌 the party images to your Party Pinterest Board!

Here are some of my favorite cultural food themes for a dinner party. Be sure to pin any theme dinner ideas that you might want to host to your Pinterest account.

Mexican Dinner Party

No doubt Mexican food is a favorite type of cuisine for many! Plus, it’s easy to prepare for groups of all sizes. Serve up favorites such as Shrimp Pico De Gallo and Nacho Casserole For A Crowd!

One of my go-to appetizers for groups is chips and salsa!! It’s easy peasy! Serve up homemade or store-bought chips with Green Tomato Salsa Verde, Spicy Pico De Gallo, and Vegan Nacho Cheese.

For seated and buffet dinners, Festive Mexican Rice Salad, Mexican Coleslaw
and Mexican Tomato Soup, make some delicious side dishes and starters to include.

Mexican Dinner Party
Let’s have a Fiesta! Check out Mexican Party Theme Ideas and Recipes. You will find everything you need to throw a great festive party easily. The best thing about this party theme is the delicious food that you can serve at this party. This theme works for Cinco de Mayo or anytime you're in the mood!
mexican party ideas for food and decorations
Taco Party – Fantabulosity
Discover the best simple taco bar party ideas! This theme makes a great and easy way to feed your guests for any event! With different toppings available, guests can make their tacos exactly how they want it!

Italian Dinner Party

Get the party started with traditional Italian decorations. Learn how to throw an easy Italian dinner party using authentic Italian recipes.

For dinner serve Ragu BologneseSpaghetti Sauce With Fresh TomatoesFresh Tomato Salad With Italian Herbs, and Italian Style Stuffed Paleo Peppers. 

Be sure and make my favorite, Italian Herb Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread too.

Italian Dinner Party
From pastas, pizzas and so much more, an Italian dinner party is sure to be a hit. Not only is the menu easy to plan, but there are lots of fun ways to decorate and add to an Italian Theme Dinner Party.
Italian Dinner Party

Hawaiian Luau Party

A Hawaiian luau party makes a fun and exciting summertime beach party and it’s perfect for backyard dinner parties.

Backyard Luau Menu Plan – House of Nash Eats
The end of Summer calls for a celebration and I’ve got a great Backyard Luau Menu Plan for an easy and fun Hawaiian-inspired party!

Sushi Party

Sushi is easy to eat whether standing or sitting and it also can be a fun party activity. For smaller groups, you can provide all the ingredients and let everyone roll up their own sushi rolls.

You can also add on some other Asian-inspired dishes such as Asian Noodles with Steak or Vegetable Spring Rolls.

How to Throw a Homemade Sushi Party – Mary Makes Dinner
When food-loving friends get together to chip in on a gourmet meal, magical things can happen. Dinner parties are a great way to have champagne caliber fun on a beer budget. One of the my favorite foods is sushi, which also happens to be seriously expensive.
A Guide on How to Host a Sushi Party • Just One Cookbook
A comprehensive guide to host a sushi party. Learn how to make sushi rice, selection of sushi to serve, equipment, snack & beverage ideas and many other useful tips for a successful sushi feast.

Sushi Paper Party Supplies

Moroccan Dinner Party

Host a Moroccan party with foods flavored with rich spices. The cuisine is influenced by many different types of cultures and is famous for its street food stands.

Moroccan Dinner Party Menu – What’s Gaby Cooking
Grab the full Moroccan Dinner Party Menu here including appetizers, mains, sides, drinks and of course dessert! Everything you could need for a soiree!

French Inspired Dinner Party

France is renowned for its cuisine. This dinner party idea is perfect for more upscale, elegant events or a casual affair serving a menu with hearty selections.

The Blonde Abroad has all the details that will help you throw a French-inspired Dinner Party including everything from music, lighting, decor, and recipes.

How to Host an EASY 5 Course French Dinner Party – The Gingered Whisk
Host an easy and almost effortless 5 course french meal – a complete menu with wine pairings for each course! You didn’t know entertaining was this easy!
Five Tips For a Casual French Dinner Party – Classic Casual Home
Bonjour from Paris! Here’s some ideas for a casual, French dinner party that we hosted recently in San Francisco.
How To Prepare The Perfect French Picnic
Take your dinner party outside! You don’t have to be in France to have a French picnic! Here’s how to prepare yours right at home.

Greek Dinner Party

Start off with homemade appetizers made with phyllo dough and my Red Pepper Hummus with pita chips or triangles. Greek Lemon Chicken Soup makes a delicious addition to the menu.

Greek Dinner Party
Host a fabulous Greek dinner party using lots of inspirational menu ideas, easy printable decorations, and even a printable fun Greek game, your guest will have a blast playing.
Dishes feature rice, pasta, olives, olive oil, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, lentils, a variety of beans, lemons, nuts, honey, yogurt, feta cheese, eggs, fish, chicken, and lamb.
greek dinner dishes and party decor

Indian Dinner Party

An Indian-themed dinner party is perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters! The cuisine is filled with tasty vegetarian dishes such as Toor Dal. You can easily mix and match a menu that will make everyone happy!

Indian Dinner Party
Create a delicious dinner party with lots of Indian dinner ideas, cultural tips, and decoration ideas.
The flavors of Indian food is well known for its warming and spicy flavors.
Indian dinner party dishes

Irish-Themed Dinner Party

You can host this event any time of year or use it to put together a fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Irish Dinner Party – The Recipe Girl
Throwing an Irish Dinner Party is fun for me, because not only am I married to an Irishman, I love the color green! It’s bright, springy, and it goes so well with festive colors, like purple.
Discover ideas for setting the table as well as a delicious menu to serve.

Seasonal Dinner Party Themes

Holidays are the perfect time of year to have parties and you will find our favorites listed below! In addition, discover new exciting seasonal ideas that might work depending on the time of year of your party.

Chinese New Year

Ring in the Chinese New Year with all your favorite dishes! Cook on your own, order takeout, or do a combination of the two!

These Asian Noodles Lao Gan Ma are quick and easy to make and will work for groups!

Chinese New Year Dinner Party – Omnivore’s Cookbook
Discover the best Chinese New Year feast tips so you can learn all the secrets to hosting a great Chinese New Year dinner party at home. Including ideas for what to serve and how to prep ahead so you can enjoy the event too.

Valentine’s Dinner

Valentine’s Day is a time of sweet indulgences, however, if you want to serve something sweet try these Dark Chocolate Strawberry Tarts. They have the perfect combination of fresh fruity strawberries and rich dark chocolate and are gluten-free, with no refined sugars or dairy

Don’t forget to offer a Love Potion Cocktail to make things even more fun! If you want to skip the romantic dinner party this year, consider these ideas!

Valentine’s Day Party Food
Discover everything you need to find the perfect Valentine's party food to serve friends, family, or that special someone. Browse through the Valentine-themed recipes from cocktails, appetizers, main dish menu ideas to desserts then click over and print the recipes.
valentines fudge, cookie, cake and snack mix
Italian Cannoli Dream Valentine’s Day Party – Kara’s Party Ideas
Throw a delicious dessert party for Valentine’s Day featuring cannolis! Discover ideas for decorating and so much more.
Our Love is Sizzlin’ Dinner Party & Dirty Cupid Game – Fantabulosity
Our Love is Sizzlin’ Dinner Party & Dirty Cupid Game: A romantic and fun party idea for adults, and a fun adult party game idea!

Mardi Gras Dinner Party

Throw a Mardi Gras-themed party during the time leading up to Lent, usually in February or March. Fat Tuesday, the most famous celebration takes place on the day before Lent kicks off.

Serve all your favorite southern favorites such as Southern Lobster Fritters and Collard Greens, and don’t forget to add in some Vegan Southern Favorites as well!

How to Host a Mardi Gras Party – Celebrations at Home
Host a Mardi Gras party that celebrates the flavors of New Orleans. Plan a dinner party with these ideas & recipes inspired by The Big Easy.

Mardi Gras Party Supplies Set

Spring Themed Party Ideas

Say goodbye to winter and celebrate the arrival of Spring with a dinner party. Serve up popular spring ingredients including asparagus, peas, artichokes, and fennel.

A few ideas for dishes with spring produce include this Farro Salad and Asparagus Tart.

Spring “In Bloom” Party – Fantabulosity
Get inspired to throw a spring-themed party with ideas for a beautiful and delicious dessert table. Includes ideas for decorations, invitations, food and more.
Easter Dinner – Celebrations at Home
Discover lots of gorgeous Easter dinner party ideas including a delicious Easter dinner menu & recipes plus an Easter tablescape. When it comes to Easter menus, this one will be a hit!
Mother’s Day – Celebrations at Home
Create a Mothers Day brunch with these ideas and tips for spring tablescape and tasty menu. Includes decorations and an easy menu that's perfect for a spring ladies' luncheon to celebrate your mom and her friends.

Summer Themed Dinner Party

Celebrate the summertime with these themes for dinner parties that are set up outside. summer-inspired party ideas, especially if you’re looking for something beyond a basic backyard BBQ.

Backyard Tropical Themed Dinner Party – Design by Occasion
Bring the tropics to your backyard! This party theme is perfect for the summer but can also be done indoors in the winter to get rid of those winter blues.

Discover everything you need for a colorful dinner gathering at home from decorations to a delicious menu.
Summer Watermelon Party – Tikkido
It's most definitely summer, and all I can think about, it seems, is taking a dip in the pool.   What better way to stay cool in the summer than with this refreshing summer party theme than a watermelon pool party! From light and refreshing food ideas to a classic watermelon drink.


This German festival takes place in September and October. It’s a fun way to enjoy some delicious German beer and food with friends and family.

Oktoberfest Pretzel Donuts and Beer Party – Salty Canary
This fun party idea swaps out the traditional pretzel for donuts shaped like pretzels! Discover more ideas for how to plan a fun and out of the ordinary Oktoberfest event everyone will love.

Fall Harvest Dinner Party

Creating a party around foods popular in the Fall months is a great way to kick off the fall and holiday celebrations.

Consider serving up some Fall Roasted Vegetables, Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake, and an Apple Cider Mocktail.

Fall Harvest Dinner Party – Tikkido
Celebrate the changing leaves, crisp Fall air, and wearing sweaters and boots with a fall-themed dinner party. Get inspired by the decorations and discover how to create a memorable menu.


Thanksgiving is all about the food along with family and friends. Try some Thanksgiving Cranberry Brownies or a delicious Creamy Pumpkin Vegan Cheesecake.

Here are some ideas for hosting a Thanksgiving party that’s a little different from every other year.

Thankful for Leftovers and Game Night Party – Liz and Ryan
If you are hosting Thanksgiving and you are anything like us, then you will most likely end up with a ton of leftovers. This year we wanted to be creative and think of a fun way to share our leftovers. So we came up with a Leftovers Game Night Dinner Party for our friends that you can create too.
Thanksgiving Friendship Dinner – Celebrations at Home
Host the best Friendsgiving dinner party with table settings, themed decorations, tips, and a heart harvest menu. This can be a potluck-style party hosted in your home, outdoors, or in a small space.

Winter Dinner Party Theme

Plan a winter-themed dinner party any time during the winter months! You can use these ideas to plan a custom Christmas or New Year’s party or simply a fun-themed gathering during the winter.

One idea I love is to design a menu that has only white foods served on black dishes like this White Gouda Mac n Cheese and these  Copycat Starbucks Madeleines.

Cozy & Chic Winter Dinner Party | Kara’s Party Ideas
Though the snow may or may not be fallin’ this Cozy & Chic Winter Dinner Party by Chelsey Flint of Chelsey Flint Events, out of Oklahoma City, is definitely callin’! Showcasing soft whites with accents of golds and silver, this celebration is sure to deliver! So cozy in and take a look and warm up…

Unique Dinner Party Themes For Adutls

How to Host a Casino Night at Home
If you’re planning to host a casino night party, try our decorating ideas, upscale snacks and drinks, and play games like you’re in Las Vegas.

Backyard Dinner Party

A Bohemian Backyard Dinner Party
Sometimes the best nights out are the nights we stay in. Today, Houston calligrapher Meg Grant is sharing her recent backyard dinner party with us. She handcrafted everything from the invitations and place cards, to the menus and bar signage. Scroll down…
How To Plan A Bohemian Backyard Dinner Party – Sanctuary Home Decor
Everything you need to know to plan a beautiful Bohemian Backyard Dinner Party – Tips and ideas for setting the perfect table and wowing your guests!
Outdoor Dinner Party | Summer Entertaining
How to host a summer outdoor dinner party with invitations, decorating tips, and recipes.

Speakeasy Dinner Party

A fun theme to make your guests feel like they are a part of something a little bit exciting and secretive! You definitely want to offer a signature cocktail for a speakeasy event such as this Ginger Pear Cocktail or a fun and fruity Azalea Cocktail.

For the menu, serve up some steaks with a Whiskey Marinade and a Green Jacket Salad.

Speakeasy Party Ideas – Our Potluck Family
Fun ideas to set up a Speakeasy Party with a Chardonnay tasting paired with a delicious Blackberry Goat Cheese Crostini appetizer.

Speakeasy Decorations Kit

Farm to Table Dinner Party

A farm-to-table dinner party really highlights fresh, simple produce that’s in season. This event works best for the summer months when more garden-fresh ingredients are available.

Grilled Corn in the Husk and Summer Farro Salad makes a tasty addition to the menu.

An Intimate Farm to Table Dinner Party
Learn how to set a beautiful table and decorate your backyard so guests feel welcome. Then have each guest bring a dish with ingredients grown locally for an easy potluck dinner.
Farm to Table Dinner
This gorgeous farm to table dinner highlights using fresh produce as decor to set the mood for dinner. So many cute ideas that you could recreate at your own party.

Farm to Table Home Decorative Table Cover

Cocktail Party Ideas

Instead of a seated dinner party, throw a cocktail party instead. Pick one or more fun cocktails or mocktails and some party snacks to go along with it.

Cocktail Party Ideas – Cup of Zest
Create a fun and memorable event built around cocktails! Discover all kinds of ideas for different ways to throw one and how to create a menu for it.

Southern Style Dinner

No one does parties like southerners! The food is downright delicious, hearty, and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Southern Style Dinner Party – Celebrations at Home
Discover a Southern Style Dinner Party tablescape & menu to give you a taste of the South whether you live there or not. Get inspired for stylish entertaining with these themed dinner party ideas and tips. Come on in, Y’all!

Wine Pairing Dinner Menu

Build a dinner party around your favorite wines! I prefer this party idea for smaller, more intimate gatherings but it could work for larger groups as well.

Festive Winter Wine Dinner at Home – Cooking Chat
Create a special elegant evening without going to a restaurant. Try this festive, three-course dinner with wine pairings for each course. Cheers!
Rustic Wine Dinner Party – Fantabulosity
Get a glimpse at a rustic inspired wine dinner party including the menu, clever ways to decorate and set the table.

Virtual Dinner Party

Get together with friends and family from other cities and countries by hosting a virtual dinner party! These became all the rage during the pandemic but actually can be a fun way to get together with people you love who live a bit further away.

How to Host a Virtual Dinner Party: 11 Proven Tips and Tricks
Looking for something fun to do? Why not host a virtual dinner party? Gather family and friends from far away and enjoy your time together with these tips!

Sports-Themed Dinner Parties

Watching the big game is always more fun with friends but the ideas go well beyond just football. Here are a few of my favorites!

Masters Golf Party

Throwing a Masters Dinner Party with your golf enthusiast friends will be easy with plenty of Masters party ideas. Learn simple decorating tips, ideas for what to wear, and recipes to help you serve traditional foods from the Masters.

Serve famous recipes from Augusta.

Masters Golf Party
Discover all you need to know to host a golf-themed party! Discover games, recipes, decorations and much more! The menu can be a formal affair or a more casual party for a larger group of your favorite golf enthusiast.
masters golf course green with yellow flag in hole

Gameday Dinner Party

Host a Game Day Dinner Party when the next big game comes on TV. These game day party food bars are fun and easy to feed a crowd while watching your favorite team play. Get tips for decorating, setting up a foobar, and recipe ideas for the next big game day.

Game Day Party Food Ideas
Not sure what to serve for the big game? I've got you covered with these fun and delicious food bars! They're sure to make your shindig the best and keep people talking about it for way past the day!
A sign made with a football field that says game day party food bar ideas and then pictures of food such as chili dogs spoiled peanuts meatballs popcorn Frito bags meatballs and sauce casseroles with bean dip buffalo dip and more

Basketball Dinner Party Ideas

This is perfect for March Madness, a basketball watch party, or even a fun kid’s birthday.

Basketball Party Ideas – Fantabulosity
Learn how to add a few fun basketball party themed goodies to help everyone celebrate in style. Get inspired with ideas for the menu and decorations.

Dinner Parties by Type of Food

Breakfast Foods

Ever heard of breakfast for dinner? This theme can be used for more than just breakfast or brunch! Many of these menus work really well for groups that include children and adults.

Try these Breakfast Cookies or this Oatmeal Breakfast Bread. How about a CBD Smoothie Bowl?

Biscuit Bar
Set up a biscuit bar as part of a breakfast for dinner theme. It’s easy for your guest to help themselves. The best part is, you can have it all set up before guests arrives for dinner.
Waffle Bar Ideas and Recipes – Moms & Munchkins
A waffle bar is a great buffet idea for breakfast, brunch or dessert! Here are some ideas for setting up your buffet, waffle recipes to serve, and more!

Seafood Boil

The perfect summer, backyard event! Cook up all your favorite seafood with my Seafood Boil Seasoning or a Spicy Boiling Crab Sauce!

Summer Seafood Boil Party – Giggles Galore
Summer isn’t complete until we’ve hosted or attended a Summer Seafood Boil. Get ready for a lip smackin’, crawfish crackin’ good time!
Crawfish Boil – Fantabulosity
Serve up a classic Louisiana style party with lots of mud bugs and much, much more!

Dessert Party

Serve up an assortment of desserts. Other ideas might be an ice cream sundae party or a cupcake party.

Soup Party

I love to offer up 3-4 different flavored soups and a few toppings as well. Try some of these Reader’s Favorite Soup Recipes.

A soup party is perfect for medium to large groups and works great as a potluck too!

Soup Bar – Tomkat
Get lots of tips on hosting a fun and fabulous Soup Party complete with an array of soup flavors, toppings, appetizers, + dessert (of course).
Soup bar setup on a station against the wall for a party.
Cozy Soup Dinner Party – Celebrations at Home
Host a cozy soup dinner party with this delicious menu perfect for a fall and winter entertaining night at home. Find out how to serve soup at a dinner party, what to serve with soup, and how to set a beautiful cozy table.

Chili Cook-Off Dinner

Hosting a chili dinner is a great opportunity to have a chili cook-off. Have all your guests bring a small pot of their best chili recipe. Pick some judges and award prizes for the best tasting, spiciest, and most unique. This would be so much fun and easy on the hostess.

For some unique chili ideas that are sure to be a winner try one of these.

Chili Bar Dinner Party
Hosting a chili dinner party can be a fun and delicious way to gather friends and family for a hearty meal. Make your next gathering easy using these great chili dinner ideas, make-ahead tips, decor ideas, and topping recipes. By setting up a chili food bar, you create a customizable experience where guests can build their own bowls of chili with a variety of toppings and sides.  
chili with beans, peppers, lime and chips

DIY Pizza Party

Pizza is a family favorite, and this party food theme works great for groups of adults or even mixed-age groups. You lay out the toppings, and everyone gets to make their own pizza just the way they want it!

How to Host a Picture Perfect Pizza Party – The Defined Dish
I just love hosting a good dinner party. Friends, good food, and great wine all in the comfort of your own home where you can really enjoy each others company… it just doesn’t get much better than that to me! Entertaining can be stressful and overwhelming. What should I cook? How do I make it look p…
How to Throw a Homemade Pizza Party • The Pinning Mama
Are you looking for an excuse to get together with your friends? Learn how to throw a homemade pizza party with these simple tips. It’s a fun, easy, and kid-approved! Hi, it’s Ginnie from Hello Little Home! I’m excited to be back and talking about one of my favorite foods: pizza. It’s a meal that ..…

Casino Theme Party Decorations

Breakfast For Dinner Party

Breakfast for Dinner with Recipes
A themed “breakfast for dinner” party will be a fun night with friends, laughter and food…with lots of leftovers to ironically have for breakfast the next day. 

Giant Charcuterie Board Dinner Party

How to build a dinner-worthy charcuterie board
How to build a dinner-worthy charcuterie board with ideas for what to put on a cheese and charcuterie board and tips and tricks for arranging a showpiece platter!
Ingredients for a Girlfriend Dinner Party
Sometimes a middle-of-the-week dinner party is just what you need to jolt you out of the wintertime blues. Last week, I hosted a girlfriend no-fuss dinner party, and it did just that. With bright and

Retro Dinner Party Theme

50 Retro Dinner Party Recipes
Hosting the perfect retro dinner party is all about throw-back recipes. Browse our old school party favourites, including trifle, vol-au-vents, vintage ways with meringue, nostalgic centrepiece recipes an,d more

Fondue Party

Fondue is a fun and tasty way to serve dinner for a smaller group of friends and family.

Set up a whole bunch of dippers such as chunks of Beer Bread with a savory fondue or Pound Cake with a sweet one.

A Fondue Dinner Party – Organized Island
A fondue party is a fun way to host a get together for dinner. Everyone can enjoy the different flavors including savory and sweet in a festive make-it-yourself party idea.

1950s Dinner Party Theme

1950s Style Dinner Party
I’ve been a member of a Cooking Club for over 17 years now. For those of you who know me, you know I’m not much of a cook, but I love to throw a good party! I’m all about a good theme and setting a pretty table. And costumes. After the last year and a […]
Alice in Wonderland Dinner Party
Welcome to the 415th Tablescape Thursday! Last October, Elena threw a fabulous Mad Hatter Dinner/Tea Party for her parents who were celebrating their 86th and 87th birthdays! The party was a big celebration and Elena ended up setting five tables, three indoor and two outdoor. Elena created the cutes…
How to Plan a Birthday Beach Dinner Party
For my birthday this year, I decided to throw a Beach Dinner Party complete with flowers, wood palett tables, Sprinkles cupcakes and more! It was magical!
How to Throw the Best-Ever Backyard Campfire
Simple projects, drink recommendations, and recipe ideas for throwing an extra-special adults-only backyard bonfire party. To make your bonfire even more special, you can try adding some of my favorite finishing touches. A few small luxuries, like gourmet bonfire snacks, cozy throw blankets, and festive lighting can kick your casual little party up a notch, making it feel like a proper celebration.
Dumpling Dinner Party
If you are looking for interactive dinner party ideas, how about a make your own dumplings dinner party? Your guests will enjoy rolling up their sleeves and gathering in the kitchen to learn how to make dumplings. Then everyone can relax and enjoy a great dinner together.

Themes Perfect for Families

Here are some party ideas that work great for families or groups with smaller children attending. There’s lots of flexibility for decorations, games, and menus to make sure everyone enjoys the event.

Disney Dinner Parties

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy fun dinner themes like Disney.

Beauty and the Beast Dinner Party – Raising Whasians
Hungry for Disney? Grab your Beauty and the Beast Dinner Party Ideas including menu ideas, decorations and a fun activity.
Alice in Wonderland Dinner Party – The Rose Table
A Mad Hatter-inspired garden party is a fun Disney dinners idea. Get ideas for a backyard setup, what to serve and fun games for guests to enjoy.
Mary Poppins Returns Dinner Party – The Rose Table
Learn all about this easy menu inspired by a traditional English tea and served in a colorful London park setting for an event that’s perfect for adults and kids.

Murder Mystery Dinners

Enjoy dinner and let everyone work together to solve a mystery! Discover all you need to know!

How to Host a Murder Mystery Dinner at Home While Maintaining Social Distancing
Here’s how to plan a murder mystery dinner party all from picking a theme and assigning roles to the guests.
How to Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party – Endless Bliss
Get your friends together for a Murder Mystery Dinner Party! This post has everything you need to throw a successful Murder Mystery Dinner Party.

Everything you need for throwing an unforgettable dinner party, including recipes, place cards, and a well-thought-out murder. This entertaining kit is wonderful for breaking the ice between new friends or adding a new angle to a gathering of old buddies, setting the stage for each guest to play a role as a suspect in a mystery set in California wine country. Kit includes a party planner including a menu with themed recipes, music and decorating tips, eight place cards, and invitations, and booklets for all suspects including their roles and background information. The mystery unfolds along with your evening, with a CD that gets things rolling and six secret clues you reveal along the way. Six to eight players.

Medieval Times Feast

Medieval Times Feast – Parties With a Cause
This dinner party idea means you get to dress up and eat with your hands! The perfect medieval feast for kids and adults!

More Dinner Menu Themes

Themed dinners are not just for parties; add theme nights to your family dinner menu!

cover of a party planner for memorable dinner theme nights for family.

Say goodbye to mundane dinners and hello to a world of fun with over 70+ meal theme ideas, a comprehensive how-to guide, and printable planner worksheets. No need to spend hours racking your brain for themed menu ideas – let this planner be your secret weapon in creating memorable dining experiences for your family and friends. Get ready for fun and unique meal planning to become a breeze.

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