Kick 2023 off with a great start by hosting one of these memorable and creative New Year’s Eve party themes for adults. This past year has been another challenging year but when the ball drop happens at midnight, roll out the red carpet for 2023 because it will surely bring us a happy New Year!

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Why It’s Fun To Host A New Year’s Eve Party

  • As the holiday season winds down and Christmas decorations get put away, create a special night to celebrate a tough year and look forward to a new year. A coming year filled with great things and fun activities.
  • Hosting a fun and unique themed party will create a memorable evening for family members and friends to remember for years to come. 
  • It’s easier to plan a party around a theme. It makes shopping, menus, and decorating much more effortless. 
  • A New Year party can start a tradition that friends will look forward to every December 31st. 
  • If you enjoy tipping a few glasses on New Year’s Eve, then it is safer to have a party at home and plan for everyone to hang out instead of driving. 

Good Luck, New Year’s Party Recipes To Serve

Be sure to serve up some good luck to your party guests. Serve this delicious and quick to make Black-Eyed Pea Hummus Dip. Then make a traditional Northern dinner of Pork And Sauerkraut with a side of healthy Southern Collard Greens.

Let’s make this New Year’s Eve fun and memorable. Never mind the black-tie affair, get creative and try one of these many easy and unique party ideas. These themed parties will be talked about for months to come.

Scroll through these unique New Years Eve party ideas at home and be sure to pin📌the ones that inspire you.

Masquerade Party

Best Dress Up Party Themes For Adults ladies with masks

Center your New Year’s party around a masquerade dinner. No fair peeking until the ball drops. 

You can hand out Mardi Gras Masquerade Mask as your guests arrive or have them make their own and award prizes for the best masks at the end of the night. Keep the lights low and the music mystical to set the atmosphere. 

Decorations could be simple or elaborate.

  • Metallic confetti or glitter sprinkles over the tables
  • Glass vases filled with beads, feathers or flowers.
  • Christmas lights and candles
  • Gold disposable plates and silverware
  • Masks on walls, buffett tables and used as centerpieces

Greek Toga Party

New Year's Toga Party

For a creative party theme, yell toga, toga…… How about a Greek dinner party and National Lampoon’s Animal House movie night?

For printable party decorations and recipes, visit my Let’s Have A Greek Party. 

Spirits and Sparkles

Gold bar cart with champagne bottles on it and glasses

How about starting the new year off with a Spirits and Sparkles-themed party? If you don’t have a lot of room to host, this would be a great party. It is centered around an adorable bar cart that can be set up anywhere in your home. 

This gold contemporary bar cart would be perfect for serving your guest drinks and snacks. 

“Spirits & Sparkles” Party & Entertaining Essentials
A holiday party decorated with glisten, topped with cocktails! Easy ideas for a quick holiday party! PLUS a free party essentials checklist!

All Night Movie Party

back yard movie set up with snacks and a big sheet for a screen

It would be a fun and easy party if you hosted an all-night movie party. Buy some fun movie decorations and choose from this list of memorable New Year’s themed movies. 

New Year’s Eve Movie Ideas

  • A Lot Like Love – It’s all about that New Year’s Eve kiss!
  • When Harry Met Sally – Another great New Year’s Eve kiss!
  • About a Boy – A 12-year-old boy enters the main character’s life on New Year’s Eve and changes their lives forever. 
  • Sunset Boulevard 
  • Happy New Year, Charlie Brown – flashback to childhood memories
  • Rent – Kick off New Year with this musical
  • About Time – Hop back over and over to get that New Year’s kiss just right
  • An Affair to Remember – A classic movie with a traditional New Year’s kiss
  • New Year’s ( filmmaker Garry Marshall)

Step out on the Wild Side

If you have a large family that wants to get a little wild on New Year’s Eve, then this is the party for you. Animal prints highlight the decore.

New Years Eve Party Ideas for the Family – Parties With A Cause
Plan a family friendly new years eve party with a WILD side! Use cheetah prints with your black and gold to ring in the new year right!

Jungle Theme Party Decorations and Supplies Pack – 117 Piece 

Vision Board Party

New Year's Vision Board hanging on the wall

Suppose you have a group of girlfriends that would like to do something special on New Year’s Eve. You need to host a vision board party. The new year is the perfect time to create a new year’s vision board. It is a fun hands-on way to visualize your dreams and stay focused on making them a reality in the next year.

Be sure and add your new year’s resolutions to your boards. Doing your boards together is a great way to keep each other accountable all year long.

The best part will be everyone takes their vision board home and places it in a prominent area of their home. This will help them stay focused on all the good things they should be working towards in 2023.

How to Host an Epic Vision Board Party
Ready to host the best ever vision board party? Here’s everything you need for success including craft supplies, what food to serve, theme ideas, and more.
5 girls in front of a wall of ballons

Vision Board Book, 700+ Words & Images

Vision Board Kit \ Goal Board 

Go Boho

If you are planning a low-key, casual party, then a boho glam New Year’s Eve party is perfect. Guest pull up a cushion and enjoy the tradition of dining around a low table sitting on the floor. Fill the room with candlelight, great food, and cocktails. You have the recipe for a perfect party to remember.

Our Boho Glam New Year’s Eve Party – Lia Griffith
Browse the DIY projects & tutorial we created to organize this fabulous Boho Glam event! Use this theme to style a New Year’s party or any other celebration

Great Gatsby Roaring 20s Party

lady dressed in 1920s outfit

Get classy with a Great Gatsby New Year’s Eve celebration. Kick it up a notch by hosting a New Year’s Eve Great Gatsby Party Bus. Rent a party bus so nobody has to drive.

Decorations could be gold, black, and white with lots of glitter. Guest could dress up in their 1920s best. Serve bathtub gin and champagne. Make clean-up easy with these 1920s themed paper supplies. 

How to Throw a Great Gatsby Themed Party
How to throw a Great Gatsby Themed Party by Louisiana blogger, Jenn of Haute Off The Rack, great gastby party decorations, 1920s costumes, flapper costumes

Breakfast At Midnight Brunch

Bring in the new year with a breakfast bar. Serve mimosas and champagne. Try one of these easy make-ahead breakfast bars. Serve my make-ahead Cracker Barrel Cheesy Hash Brown Crock Pot Recipe or these easy-to-make Breakfast Cookies.

How to Set Up a Waffle Bar — Mint Event Design
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The Ultimate Bagel Bar Brunch
Host the ultimate bagel bar brunch with these tips, ideas, and images to guide you. There’s a taste to satisfy every need!
the best brunch food station- a biscuit bar
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Dance Party

men dancing at a party with lights flashing

Spend your New Year’s Eve dancing the night away. Set up the dance floor and create a playlist of all your favorite tunes. Your party could have a theme from the 50’s or groovy 60s party. 

Or how about grabbing the disco ball and lights and some Bee Gees music? Invite guests to dress up with the era you choose.

Game Night

Game board and pieces on a table with title best games for audults

A fun theme for New Year’s party would be a game night. Set out the board games, or if card games are your jam, then get some tables set up for rotating the winners and losers.

Are you looking for the best adult party board games for your next game night? You and your friends are going to have a fantastic time playing one of these Best Adult Board Games for 2023.

Decade Party

hippies, disco guy, 90's girl, bonnie and clyde dressing up for new years eve party

How about ringing in the new decade with a party theme for remembering a by-gone decade? Decorate with the time period decorations and have your guest dress up in that time period. Some fun time periods could be the roaring 20s, 1950s, or 1990’s. For more ideas, be sure to visit: 7 Groovy 1960s Party Ideas.

New Year’s Eve Party Bus

party pictures for a party bus theme

If you are looking for a unique way to throw a New Year’s Eve party, then a party bus rental is for you! Look through this Ultimate List for Party Bus Themes, then pick a theme, send out invites, and let the good times roll on down the road.

Color Scheme Party

Paint sample cards

Throwing a New Year’s Eve party with a color theme is super easy. Just pick your favorite color and buy paper products in that color. Then try and find recipes for foods that are mostly that color. Buy party decor in that color and ask guests to wear outfits to match them.

Be sure and award prizes for the most colorful outfit.

Pajama Party

girls in pjs with balloons around on the bed

The name says it all. This would be a great New Year party theme if you want a laid-back, relaxing evening. Keep it simple, order pizza, and watch the classic movie Pillow Talk

Vegas Party

vegas sign and 4 aces

For this NYE party, turn your living room into a casino. Set up gaming tables with all your favorite casino games, such as poker, blackjack, craps, and roulette.

When guests arrive, give them play money to play games. When the clock strikes 12:00 award prizes for the most money and least amount won at the end of the night.

Be sure to set up a casino-style buffet for snacks and drinks. Visit these ideas for setting up your buffet.

Order some fun party supplies to help create a casino feel.

Casino Theme Party Decorations

Historic Figure Party

mount rushmore

Step back in time for a New Year’s Eve party. Invite your guest to dress up as their favorite historical figure. Once everyone arrives at the party, have a contest to guess who each person is. The best costume gets a prize.

Glowing Neon Party

New Year's Eve Neon Party with people glowing, glasses in black light, and bar glowing

Turn down the lights and get your glow on! Have your guest wear their bright neon clothes and accessories. Get some black light bulbs, and decorate with fun glow-in-the-dark party decorations.

Charcuteries and Wine Party

wine bottle and charcuterie boards

This could be a great potluck sort of party, making it easy for the hostess. Have everyone bring a charcuterie board, and the hostess provides the wine.

Need some inspiration? Browse through these healthy charcuterie board ideas, tips, shopping lists, and styling guides to help you make a beautiful board for family and friends this New Year’s Eve. 

healthy charcuterie board idea

Father Time Party

Out with the old year and in with the new when you create a New Year’s Eve party theme around time

father time on top of a clock out side

. All your decorations could center around clocks. Give everyone party hats with clocks on them and serve drinks with clocks on their staws. Turn on the Times Square celebration and count down the time as 2023 rolls in.

 New Year Paper Plates

New Years Eve Party Cut-Outs – 24 Count

Gold Paper Straw Decor

Champagne Party Theme

champagne glasses with bubbles around and the top of a bottle unopened

Go for the bubbles and gold with this New Year’s Eve party theme. Decorate with gold decor and gold serving pieces. Purchase a variety of champagne and toast on the hour. At midnight, pop the cork on your best champagne and hand out bubble jars very everyone to blow when the clock strikes 12:00.

Disco Party

guy holding a disco ball with a gold jacket on

Set up a dance floor and spin some great music from the disco era, and your guest will be dancing the night away. Have everyone dress up from the disco era, hang a disco ball and serve foods from the 70s.

Spa Night Party

spa party ideas

If you are looking for a low-key party idea then you need to creat a pampering spa party. Everyone is ready for a little R&R after the busy holiday. You could hire a mobile spa & beauty event company that provides on-site massages, manicures & makeup.

DIY spa party would be easy and fun also.

  • Set the mood with candles, diffusers and relaxing spa music.
  • Give everyone matching white robes and fun pjs
  • Create stations areas for nails, facial, and massages. I love setting up this foot massager when we have girls night-in parties.
  • Set up a cocktail or coffee and tea bar.
  • Give out swag bags at the end of the party
  • Have everyone share their favorite beaut tips and then print the list to give out.

Glitter Party

2 women and a man dressed up in front of glitter background and glitter falling on them

All that glitters is gold! Well, it is for this party anyway. Have guest dress up in sequien themed outfits. Fill ballons with glitter, hang glitter streamers and serve dinner on gold sparkle dishes.

New Year’s Good Luck Dinner Party

peple sitting at a table with candle light eating dinner and very happy

Everyone wants to focus on out with the old and in with the lucky new year. So much so there are many foods that are served across the world that are supposed to bring a person good luck in the new year.

Host a New Year’s Eve dinner party and serve dishes that are supposed to bring someone good luck in the new year.

Good Luck, New Year Recipes

Northerners eat pork and sauerkraut on New Year for good luck.
However, in the south, many people like to eat black-eyed peas and collard greens as their good luck meal.

Winter Wonderland New Year’s Theme

winter wonderland party idea with trees and snow everywhere

Create a frosty-looking table with a white tablecloth, dishes, napkins, and candles. Then decorate it with snowflakes and white Christmas balls.

Have your guest all dress in white with a theme of sweaters or other warm clothes.

To make it extra fun, serve an all-white meal or something that is noted for cold weather.

Fondue Party

girls dipping food in a white fondue pot

When the clock strikes midnight, pull out your fondue pot and celebrate with great food and friends.

This is an easy prep-ahead party idea. Arrange foods to be dipped on charcuterie-type boards. Wrap them with plastic wrap until you are ready to serve.

What to dip in a cheese fondue:

  • Crusty pieces of bread
  • Sliced apples and pears
  • Veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, and a variety of colored pepper slices.
  • Meats that are cut into small pieces. Try filet mignon, chicken, pork or shrimp.

What to dip in a chocolate fondue:

Feast First, Then Diet New Year’s Party

large table of food with people filling thier plates

Everyone is ready to start a new diet in January, so why not host a New Year’s Eve feast first party? Fill up your table with yummy carbs and sweets for one last hurrah. Then after dinner, all make a pack and support system to lose weight in the new year.

Then agree to be diet buddies. Agree on helping each stick to a diet. Here are some ideas the group can do to help each other.

  • Work out together
  • A weekly weigh-in accountability partner
  • Cook and swap low-calorie meals once a week
  • Keep food journal (you could give these as party favors)
  • Pick an “I’m about to cheat” friend to call and talk you out of it.
  • Swap delicious low-calorie recipes.

You won’t be deprived when it comes to snacking just because you are watching your weight. These Low Calorie Snack Recipes are diet-friendly favorites from meatballs, and nachos to jalapeno poppers.

You will also enjoy making the Pegan Detox Salad on January 1st to start your diet.